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Price of a optical fiber laser marking machine and its spare parts composition of matter?

the composition of a lot of things are made by a combination of multiple components, which means that these parts manufacturers do not necessarily come from the same place, and also determines the price of differentiation. We all know that buying a fiber laser marking machine need to spend tens of thousands of dollars, or even thousands. Is the same fiber laser marking machine can produce different prices on different production, creates a competitive relationship. So differentiation on the price of the laser marking machine and laser marking machine parts if there is a connection before?

the answer is yes! A combination of high quality components than using optical fiber laser marking machine is necessarily inferior parts of laser marking machine is much more expensive. But its performance will be better, on various aspects, such as the relationship between the two is proportional to the. A fiber laser marking machine is able to sell to the concentrations of, also have to sell for tens of thousands of, the user must choose when buying according to their own needs to buy, and at the same time want to merchants know what is the after-sales service and excellent machine equipment.

a fiber laser marking machine generally by the fiber laser power, red light beam frame, the galvanometer, the power control box, fiber laser, a mirror, mirror, industrial control computer, fiber laser marking machine cabinet, marking card, red indicator parts, such as for other types of laser marking machine also is such. About the role of every parts and components in the optical fiber laser marking machine is as follows:

1, fiber laser power supply is for fiber laser power supply.

2, red light beam frame is located inside the light path, used to install beam and the red light indicator.

3, vibration mirror: fiber laser marking machine of galvanometer galvanometer is 10 mm spot number commonly, now most of the fiber marking machine using galvanometer galvanometer is Numbers.

4, total power control box. If it is a portable marking machine generally will not put this, but if make a larger machine, this is still a good.

5, fiber laser is a laser components, also is the all fiber marking machine center of some. Have domestic and imported a lot of brand, at present we see more brands imported brands are: Germany manlight interpublic, Britain SPI, France, France QUANTEL laser brands.

6, field lens is also called flat field gathered, scanning the mirror lens, F - Theta mirrors. First used in and out of the light gathered in one plane. When purchasing should pay attention to clarify marking range, according to its demand that, don't blindly pursuing big.

7 beam, also called light, the effect of the combined beam: used to indicate the light path. Due to the 1064 nm laser is invisible, in the process of actual marking, know the laser point on which we often demand orientation, and then conclude that hit target bearing right.

8, industrial control computer can use general computer, about optical fiber marking machine, due to its marking card USB is marking card, so this will also be able to use notebook computer, it is also a function of fiber marking make it portable marking machine one of the important reasons.

9 cabinet, optical fiber laser marking machine is also called laser marking machine, laser control ark cabinet. A marking machine if compared to a house, the cabinet is the structure of the house, all the other parts are installed in the house.

10, marking card is also called the laser control card, laser marking card. See more of the marking card has golden oranges, samlight, century sonny, the xing xing cheng, Taiwan 502 b marking card, etc. , he is used to draw the text in the computer and we picture maybe digital signal converted into analog signals, such as, and then to the vibrating mirror inside.

11, the red indicator is also called the red pen, used to indicate the light path, as a result of the 1064 nm laser sight, and 650 nm red indicator light is visible, beam after close to 650 nm and 1064 nm light overlap, so 650 nm light indicates where, where is the light of 1064 nm, so to indicate the effect of the light path. Red pen in a red light beam frame inside.

this is not hard to find, these components in both import and domestic, from the geographical point of view is also exist differences in the price. So small make up can tell you is not simply an optical fiber laser marking machine, all the price of a laser marking machine and its spare parts have a certain relationship, and the cost of high and low doesn't represent the quality of laser machine, users need to consider thoroughly before purchase.

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