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As the industry growing demand of printing logo of market in recent years, many enterprises is becoming more and more importance to spurt the code code equipment, along with the continuous development of laser equipment, laser marking machine on the market types are also more and more. For consumers, however, more and more kinds once, choose 'syndrome' is bound to appear, at the time of purchase laser marking machine, will keep spinning in my head: 'what the hell am I to choose or what code equipment? '. Laser marking machine is beaten out with a laser beam in different kinds of material surface on a permanent mark. It to spurt the code machine ink play mark the difference, lies in the application of laser marking engraving range, a variety of material ( Metal, glass, pottery and porcelain, plastic, leather, etc. ) Permanent quality mark in the play. The surface force does not produce mechanical deformation, do not produce corrosion on the surface of a material. The common laser marking machine on the market basically has: CO2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine and uv laser marking machine, etc. CO2 laser marking machine: using carbon dioxide as the preparation of laser medium, the electrode with high pressure, glow discharge tube, the gas molecule release laser, the laser energy amplification to form for laser material processing. Applicable industry and material: mainly used in non-metal ( Wood, acrylic, paper, leather, etc. ) , craft gifts, furniture, leather clothing, advertising signs, model making, food packaging, electronics, medicine, packaging, printing plate and shell nameplate including cheaper prices. Optical fiber laser marking machine, its principle is to use a laser beam in a variety of different substances play a permanent mark in the surface. Play the effect of mark is through material surface evaporation show deep material, thereby beautifully carved patterns, logos and text. Applicable industry and materials: fine marking, save electricity, free maintenance, for any metal ( Non-metallic) , engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, plastic rubber and epoxy resin ceramics, etc. In the electronic components, integrated circuits ( IC) , communication products, sanitary ware, hardware fittings, stainless steel products, cookware, cutlery, clocks and watches, jewelry, IC, plastic buttons, plastic light button, the eyepiece clocks and watches, jewelry, car accessories, luggage buckle etc all can be applied. Uv laser marking machine: use 355 nm ultraviolet laser research and development, the machine USES the third order intracavity frequency doubling technique compared to the infrared laser, minimal focal sp 355 uv light, can largely reduce the material deformation and mechanical processing small heat effect. Applicable industry and material: mainly used in the ultra fine marking, engraving, especially suitable for used in food, medicine packaging material marking, microporous, glass material surface marking, effect is fine, mark clear and firm. Laser marking technology in constant innovation, has been widely used, used in all walks of life, have no pollution, high efficiency, fine is the feature of traditional marking technology cannot replace. With the continuous development of modern laser engraving, laser marking technology will become a mainstream hit targets selection. Laser marking technology in advancing with The Times, has now been widely used, suitable for various industries, with the environmental protection, high efficiency, the characteristics of the fine is hard to replace traditional marking technology. The sentence intelligent original due to the rapid development of modern laser engraving, laser marking technology will become a mainstream hit targets selection.

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