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Printing vendors would introduce: spurt the code machine ink use the matters needing attention - Spurt the code machine - shenzhen

A lot of products to spurt the code therefore requires frequent used to cij printer, and spurt the code machine to produce a visible character requires a variety of professional supplies, printing vendors would say printing consumes the material consumption is larger and directly affect the printing effect, so in use process should pay attention to related matters can better avoid the equipment out of order. Printing factory is to introduce the matters that should pay attention to spurt the code machine ink when use: first, pay attention to the ink durability fenma vendors would speak to spurt the cij printer in use process can play a good using effect, and won't cause damage to the nozzle wear or plugging ink you need to understand ink shelf life, overdue of ink to add of avoid by all means use, in order to avoid greater loss brings to the device will cause printing effect. Second, pay attention to the printing ink to add dose printing vendors would speak many users think when added to spurt the code machine ink add will be more conducive to print, must be don't know too much to add not only will cause the waste of ink, but will also affect the effect of printing characters and even cause leak ink. So to understand the spurt the code machine ink add doses and select standard doses can add a good printing effect. Third, pay attention to choose original consumables vendors would say many users in the use of laser marking machine does not pay attention to the quality of purchase consumables, as long as is the ink to spurt the code machine filled up which will cause the equipment in use process wreck a life. So the factory suggest user to select printing factory original consumables, and try to continue to use the same brand of ink can be more conducive to use equipment, composition of the ink is different due to different brand and can adapt to the device type is different also, so just add will reduce the service life of the spurt the code machine. This is printing vendors would introduce you to cij printer ink use the matters needing attention, in order to extend the life of the spurt the cij printer on the use of quality and performance, not only should choose the original high quality printing ink and also need to see the shelf life of ink, to achieve high standards of clear printing effect also can save a large amount of consumables, and conducive to spurt the code machine line flow and to ensure that the cleaning of machine parts.

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