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Printing vendors would introduce: use spurt the code machine - need to pay attention to Spurt the code machine - shenzhen

Many companies will from printing factory purchase specifications appropriate to spurt the code machine use, this is because the evaluation of high printing vendors would produce cij printer quality is very good. But, when using spurt the code machine if not according to the normal way of operation and maintenance, will lead to spurt the code machine appear all sorts of fault. The following is used by printing vendors would introduce what need to pay attention to spurt the code machine. 1. Pay attention to maintain good ventilation due to spurt the code machine need other consumables to cooperate to use, the ink and solvent are corrosive, if touch to skin and eyes and mucous membranes and other places will cause harm to the ink and solvent. Printing vendors would, therefore, I hope you at the time of operation of machine must pay attention to avoid body contact with solvents or ink, in addition, the ink can volatilize so also easy to be inhaled into the lungs, should pay attention to when using well ventilated. 2. Note well grounding protection jet. the if not grounding protection are may produce a spark that because of the cause of the accumulation, in addition, under the condition of bad earth, it is also possible to spurt the code machine spray printing quality is poor and poor ink division and other aspects. For this purpose, the printing vendors would remind everyone must pay attention to spurt the code machine completes the protective grounding. 3. Pay attention to the material can not be mixed with water in the spurt the code machine spray printing on the product to the ink dot do very accurate charging, so use the ink is very sensitive to moisture, therefore, printing vendors would remind everybody should pay attention to when using the spurt the cij printer to avoid the ink mixed with water, because water has electrical conductivity, if mixed with water is likely to lead to ink in the ink cannot charge accurately. Printing vendors would introduce the use of machine need to be aware of a couple of things. Due to spurt the cij printer is an important equipment for production, so the enterprise not only to buy from professional service good printing vendors would spurt the code machine to use but also in the correct way of operation, at the same time you also should pay attention to all aspects in order to ensure that the details of the spurt the code machine can be normal use.

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