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Mention CIJ, you may know this, but comes to spurt the code machine, everyone feel commonplace, good CIJ is to spurt the code machine, sometimes in order to facilitate book is referred to as its for CIJ, be known according to printing vendors would spurt the code machine has a history of nearly 50 years since its birth, in the years of development in this period of spurt the code machine types are increasingly diversified, today have a reputation printing vendors would bring you meet several types to cij printer. Character spurt the code machine, large and small printing factory based on what nozzle points, cij printer can be divided into small character spurt the code machine and large character spurt the code machine, both cij printer belongs to non-contact, and print speed quickly, the spray printing content editing and modifying the size of machine is easy to operation, simply insert the usb direct computer can modify the size of the character of the inkjet machine can be sprayed printed on different material, whether in food printing or building materials in the electronics industry, the size of the operator of machine is very useful. 2, high resolution jet. the analytical spurt the code machine is printing vendors would think the price is very close to a spurt the cij printer, this machine the contents of the spray print resolution is very high, belongs to a kind of on-demand ink, because the demand for the ink, the printer is not recycled, its consistent ink concentration can avoid ink pollution caused by a series of problems, the disadvantage of this printer is not used for concave and convex printing products, and its failure rate is high, in the subsequent use may be more trouble. Third, laser printing machine printing vendors would a good product? Production of today's printing vendors would actually use the spurt the code machine is mostly laser to spurt the code machine, laser to spurt the code machine relative to the other types of printing machine has good tracking performance, and the anti-counterfeiting function is applicable, it is to a certain extent, can prevent the product identity be used or copied, is a good way to protect property rights and trademarks. In addition to the above three types of code conversion, and printing factory common type of laser laser marking machine and thermal transfer printing machine, the advantages of this kind of machine is printing speed, it can realize the font in print, anyway no matter what kind of printing machine has its own advantages and disadvantages, there is no definite answer exactly what kind of printer is good, after all, only for you is good.

Every day of the year, there is some city or town in the world that is changing over to for expiry date printing machine.

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It is essential to know the basic functioning of to help us understand the components and the part they play.

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