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Printing vendors would teach you how to maintenance and maintenance - the nozzle Spurt the code machine -

Printing vendors would understand the spurt the code machine and friends all know that the nozzle is to spurt the cij printer is one of the important parts, printing vendors would a good product? Nozzle of the stand or fall of quality decides the spurt the cij printer, printing vendors would say cij printer nozzle and spurt the code machine has an associated separated only by a strip of water, but the spurt the code machine nozzle is very delicate, only pay more attention on the preventive maintenance and can ensure the service life is long, so how to maintenance and maintenance of the nozzle? A, keep working environment clean and tidy with word of mouth printing vendors would suggest that we must keep the spurt the code machine working environment clean and tidy, printing vendors would think if too much dust in the work environment, the dust from the cartridge into the inside of the nozzle to spurt the code machine, this will not only make the printing effect of nozzle suffered, will wreck a spurt the code machine service life of the nozzle. Two, use good quality ink laser marking machine nozzle often contact material is ink, the ink quality has a direct influence on the nozzle, if the quality of the ink is too poor, can produce certain corrosion effect of the nozzle, and low quality will also affect the ink jet printing image quality, the printing vendors would recommend in order to better protect the nozzle, using high quality ink as far as possible. Three, don't remove the auxiliary parts printing vendors would remind everyone must not without repairing and various auxiliary parts of laser marking machine nozzle, each of the spurt the code machine accessories has its unique purpose, if without repairing and is likely to lead to spurt the code machine can't work normally; At the same time everyone in the use of spurt the cij printer must be strictly in accordance with the requirements for use and operational procedures, in case the nozzle failure due to improper operation. In addition to the above items need to be aware of, vendors would recommend printing in the printing machine, after using want to wipe the nozzle and cleaning in a timely manner, if conditions permit available moisture cushions on the nozzle cap, it can play a role in curing mouth nozzle, anyhow we must keep maintenance and maintenance of the nozzle, the only way to make the nozzle the core fragile parts from damage.

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