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Problem analysis: the carton packaging industry can use laser marking machine to realize the identification code

for now most goods cannot leave the existence of the packaging, the packaging of goods for consumption and businessmen are especially important one. The same goods in the packaging of different also affect consumer buying decisions, and that is why for the packaging of goods there are diverse, and not under the traditional single form of packaging. The packing of the goods not only can improve the grade of the goods, also can protect the goods, in all walks of life are involved in the packaging of goods, since the packaging is so is little not the existence of identity information, it also indicates that little not the existence of marking equipment.

to be able to use the carton packaging industry has a lot of: food industry, beverage industry, cosmetics industry, medicine industry, tobacco industry, tea industry, shoe industry, mobile phone manufacturing industry, such as daily life come into contact with almost all industries to use carton. From domestic laser marking machine in the carton packaging technology point of view, is of great prospects for development, which in all of the laser marking equipment, the most suitable on paper carton packing in the use of carbon dioxide is co2 laser marking machine, compared with the traditional spray printing, adhesive labels, it can achieve high quality, high standard and permanent effect.

Co2 laser marking machine the carton packaging is a don't need to use any material in the mark on the carton packing appearance businesses want information, such as production date, batch number, bar code, coding, model, qr code, logo, brand, producing area, the period of validity, etc. Specific advantage analysis is as follows:

first, permanent marker can prevent unethical dealers to change of commodity information, so as to better safeguard the rights and interests of consumers. Both can do anti-counterfeiting string of goods protection enterprise brand image, and to maintain the rights of consumers and health.

second, anti-counterfeiting code modification can not more advantageous to commodity sales in the market regulation, as well as to consumers better understand the details of the goods production.

third, using a laser marking machine is printed information than traditional spray printing mark more neat and beautiful, can increase the added value of products and let the goods on the whole look more high-grade, able to raise public awareness of the brand, display the brand and win the trust of consumers.

4, traditional tag processing efficiency is low, often can not meet the requirements of production in large quantities. And laser marking machine processing speed is 2 times more than the traditional, and have the 24 hours of continuous work, can be directly used in an assembly line in mass production and processing.

five, co2 laser marking machine has 2 ~ 30000 hours of maintenance free time, can save equipment failure maintenance cost problem for businesses.

its six, co2 laser marking machine belongs to zero consumables environmental marking, businesses don't have to worry about because consumables and cause injury to the staff, avoid the disputes caused by material problem.

all in all, co2 laser marking machine is able to give the carton packaging increase the value of the goods itself, good commodity packaging can play a decisive role on consumer purchase behavior. At the same time use the carton packaging laser marking machine can promise according to the requirements of business out of a variety of identity information, at the same time for commodity information traceability also played a role. Greatly improve the efficiency of the product packaging and beautiful sex, make quality monitoring, market surveillance, market circulation back more quick and effective action.

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