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Prospects for the future development of the inkjet printer industry

1. With the continuous improvement of automation, a simple single small character cij printer or other identification equipment can no longer meet the needs of customers for more high-end product identification. Independent cij printers are becoming more and more difficult to sell. With the gradual saturation of the market, many manufacturers and processing plants already have their own marking equipment. If only one inkjet printer is purchased separately, the probability is getting lower and lower. The cycle is getting longer and longer. In market applications, an ordinary small character machine has a service life of about 7 years. If it is properly maintained, it is not rare that it has been used for more than ten years. In the future, there will be more automated procurement methods used to increase efficiency, make supporting marking equipment, provide production and marking work speed, and reduce labor costs. This is the automatic marking that has been done with potential benefits. At this time, cij printers only belong to A necessary link in an entire production line can communicate with the intelligent production line and print variable information. In 2018, the two-dimensional code inkjet printer represented this importance. 2. There is a strong demand for the overall solution of coding and marking. One-stop help customers solve product movement and marking problems, and it is imperative to improve efficiency. Not only to provide customers with equipment, we also help customers to consider more practicality and ease of use, from product design to potential benefits, from product production and processing technology, factory capacity allocation, personnel allocation, and automation at the same time to identify Equipment is a breakthrough point for business expansion. Including the procurement of coding equipment, the transformation of automated production lines, the customization of non-standard automated coding platforms and other industry-specific identification solutions to improve customer procurement efficiency and reduce the difficulty of selection. Large-format, high-resolution printing demand direction The third point is mainly that as the content of the logo is enriched, and consumers want to see more valuable information about the product, simply print a production date, expiration date, batch number, etc. The content can no longer meet the increasing requirements of customers. QR codes have become the mainstream form of identification in the future. In China, QR-type QR codes can be used as an example, which can include functions such as Chinese, English, and URL redirection. 3. The application demand for QR code identification has become prominent, and more products require more high-end and high value-added code assignment methods and subsequent overall solutions. The QR code can load a large amount of content, which can realize rapid product traceability, product marketing, and information acquisition. While the content is upgraded, the quality of printing is also changing, such as large-format and high-resolution printing requirements. From the sales growth trend of TTO thermal transfer printer and TIJ thermal foam printer, it can be clearly seen that the potential demand in the market is still very strong. The demand for variable coding In many industries, simple fixed content coding can only achieve the presentation of some simple content. The demand for variable coding is mainly reflected in the coding of variable barcodes and variable QR codes, especially Some food industry, electronics industry, battery industry, mobile phone spare parts and computer spare parts industries have very high demand for product traceability. Variable coding has also become an inevitable product of a new development trend. From QR code, DM code and other barcode types, there will be some differences in selection according to different applications and different product sales areas, but their purpose is the same. They are all for enriching the identification content and realizing big data of manufacturers The platform is established to better understand customer preferences, trace product sales, understand market trends, understand some real-time feedback from customers, and make better products to cater to the market and enhance competitiveness. The above is the main points of the inkjet printer for everyone in this issue. If you have anything else you want to know, you can go to the official website of the handheld cij printer http:/// leave a message and tell the editor.

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