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Really surprise! Laser marking machine could even on the shell surface marking code

eggs, the term for any one person will not feel strange? Even haven't eaten at least also seen what it looks like? In our daily life eggs is one of the most common food, a lot of people will choose to eat an egg for breakfast. But with the constantly development of the market, even the tiny eggs will exist different vendors, merchants in order to make it easy for consumers to distinguish and to promote their own brands in the egg shell with photogenic corresponding label paper, but the existence of the stickers are easy to be torn off, and then there is the existence of laser marking machine, can directly on the surface shell code.

we all know that really belongs to a kind of egg shell is easy broken goods, don't want to other material goods is can withstand a lot of pressure, so the traditional contact marking method is not suitable for eggs at all commodities, because will direct damage to eggs, losses. Because eggs is belong to food products, so the requirement is more strict than general merchandise, so some inkjet code style also is not suitable for its use, after use will damage the egg itself if consumers not be fed will also bring the impact on health, and merchants will receive the punishment of the relevant departments. To sum up whether it's traditional way of marking or inkjet logo logo cannot be used on the egg class goods, to meet the goods logo registration will need to use the laser marking machine.

no matter from baidu or from mentioned in the previous article, we all know that laser marking is a kind of doesn't require any consumables and non-contact new marking technology, it is using laser thermal effect produced by rapid burning shell surface, leaving a permanent marker. The depth is more shallow but it marks can clearly display again, so will not cause damage to the egg shell, will not affect the inside of the egg shell protein egg yolk. The eggs processing after the completion of the commodities can conform to the standard of food safety testing, can satisfy business logo on eggs goods tags, bar code and other information.

laser marking and the traditional way of electrochemistry, mechanical, engraving, printing ink marker has low cost, Need not buy consumables) And permanent ( Will not affected by external factors inside) , non-contact ( No direct contact to touch the goods itself) , deformation, Marking in the process of no damage to the goods itself) , no pollution, Laser marking belong to environmental mark a) , high speed, Is the traditional target for 2 times) , high quality, Marking more clear accurate) , large flexibility, Can be suitable for a variety of different types of identification and material) 。 With the continuous development of laser technology and extension, already has been used in many industries and even become the standard of industrial marking processing of choice.

can be used in egg products use laser marking machine has a lot of kinds, such as common co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, etc. , businesses can according to the actual demand for consulting, guangzhou elegant. prosper logo can give you a suitable scheme selection, to ensure the normal print on egg products satisfy business requirements of identity information.

what has been discussed above, we can know, laser marking machine is a kind of consumable materials, non-toxic, non-polluting, non-contact, high standard, high demand, permanent, and don't put the fragile eggshell shatter easily, more not subject to the conditions of egg products variety of a new type of marking machine.

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