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Reasonably analyze the price changes of small character inkjet printers

Reasonable analysis of the price changes of small character inkjet printers-Looking back and looking forward to the price of small automatic inkjet printers in 2016, the annual purchasing power of small inkjet printers in the Chinese market is about 30,000, and it has been present for 10 years from 2005 to now. Stable increase in demand and supply trends. What is the price of small inkjet printers? What are the brands of small inkjet printers? How is the quality of the small cij printer? Which one is better? Both are the core issues that users are very concerned about.   With the increase in sales and the increase in the number of domestic cij printer manufacturers, price wars and high prices have become an important consideration and comparison factor when customers choose to buy cij printers. The price analysis and wholesale price of small inkjet printers. The price of handheld inkjet printers and how much is the small handheld inkjet printer. We have to analyze this problem from three aspects. On the one hand, there are brands. Imported brands and domestic brands have different price ranges and different value-added. Well-known imported brands include Videojet, Domino, and Yima, etc. The prices are generally above 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. The reason for price fluctuations lies in their different types. From black ink jet printers to white ink jet printers, the price has almost doubled. This is also due to the working principle of inkjet printers. White pigment inks have more technical requirements for inkjet printers. High, the technology is more high-end. The second aspect is quality. In the work experience, the author draws the conclusion that there are differences in different types, different qualities, and prices. To do inkjet printers is to do word-of-mouth and user experience. This is required as a supplier of inkjet marking equipment. Points to face and value. Quality includes the workmanship of accessories, the details of assembly, and the level of craftsmanship.   The three aspects are the manufacturer's after-sales service. After-sales maintenance service is the most important detail for customers during and after the sale of cij printers. The price of an cij printer is directly proportional to the number of services and quality it provides. How much an inkjet printer costs, price analysis should not just be a simple comparison from the machine procurement level, but also from pre-sales, The three aspects of sales and after-sales are evaluated and compared and analyzed to select better equipment that is more suitable for us. Divided into categories, rationally treat small-character inkjet printers with price fluctuations. There are many types of small inkjet printers, such as laser inkjet printers, large-character inkjet printers, and small-character printers. It is normal for the price difference of more than 10,000 yuan for small inkjet printers. There are many factors influencing the quotation. The price of new inkjet printers will be high every year. At the end of the year, the price of inkjet printers is the most favorable. Printer manufacturers often launch a large number of preferential activities, such as buying machines and sending consumables. , Extend the warranty period, etc. In the sales process of inkjet printer manufacturers, they will pay attention to the needs of customers. The requirements for products mainly include what to print, how many lines of characters are printed, how high and how wide the font is required, and the price will be quoted after technical analysis. , And will not give customers an accurate price quotation after a rough estimate. The price of    small character inkjet printer is also one of the most concerned of all small marking equipment, because of its wide application, large range of use, and large user groups, not only the price of machines and consumables, but also the hot spot of everyone's attention. Reasonable prices make it easier for customers to accept, and at the same time, they have a benign understanding of inkjet printer companies. Different types and large price fluctuations require psychological preparation and correct cognition. You must understand the product details of users. , And the coding and proofing test can give the user an accurate conclusion whether it can be done and whether the corresponding effect required by the customer can be achieved.   Making solutions and prices more transparent is what every printer manufacturer has to face and need to make changes. Facing the upcoming 2017, we should pay more attention to price while ensuring quality and quality are the top priority!

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