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Reasons for uneven marking effect of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-10

Laser marking machines are used in pharmaceutical packaging, hardware accessories, auto parts, electronic markets, handicrafts, food packaging and other industries to mark product LOGO, production date, production batch, exquisite pattern, anti-counterfeiting It is becoming more and more popular in the market such as code, thus giving up the traditional silk screen, inkjet and other consumable and environmentally unfriendly methods. The laser marking machine also demonstrates its incompetence with its own long life, fast marking speed, and high precision. The advantage of substitution.

But when using a laser marking machine to process a workpiece, you may sometimes encounter some problems, so have you ever encountered the problem of uneven marking effect of the laser marking machine? Yes, congratulations on reading this article. Next, I will analyze the causes and solutions for uneven marking effects of laser marking machines.

Analysis and solutions for the uneven marking effect of laser marking machine

Reason 1. The laser beam output path is blocked or the field lens and galvanometer Inner lens damage

Each machine will be dimmed and corrected before the laser equipment manufacturer leaves the factory, but the laser head, fixture and galvanometer may not have the same path due to transportation and other reasons, resulting in the laser beam output path It is blocked, resulting in uneven power acting on the processed product, resulting in uneven effects. Second, the galvanometer or the lens in the field lens is damaged. When the laser beam is focused by the field lens through the galvanometer, the laser beam cannot be reflected out well. This makes the laser energy generated by the intact lens area and the damaged area inconsistent, leading to marking The effect is uneven.

Solution: Re-adjust the position deviation of the laser head, fixed fixture and galvanometer, re-adjust, check whether the lens in the galvanometer and the field lens are damaged or broken, and replace it in time.

Reason two, the laser processing range exceeds the field lens range or is critical to the field lens range

Each laser marking machine will be matched with a limited range For example, the maximum range of the field lens is 300mm*300mm, but its actual marking range cannot reach this value. If the content of the product you need to process exceeds this range or happens to be within this range, then you will find the marking at the boundary The effect will be uneven.

Solution: Choose a field lens suitable for the laser processing range of your own products.

Reason three, the reason of the processing material itself

Due to the problem of the material itself, the uneven marking effect is the most obvious is the product of alumina blackening. If If you have been in contact with such products, you will know that for the same product, the marking effect of the same parameter will be different in color. This is mainly caused by the different oxidation time of each product, so this requires higher requirements for the oxidation parameters of the material itself. .

Solution: For products that require physical or chemical treatment, the oxidation time and method must be strictly controlled.

Reason four, the processed products are not placed on the same plane, inclined or not parallel to the light path

The laser marking machine has a fixed Focus, the light is the strongest only at the focus, so once the product or fixture placed is not parallel to the ground or the laser light path, then there will be a part of the product surface that is not in the center of the focus, which will lead to the marking effect Uneven situation.

Solution: Check that the fixed place of the machine is stable, and check whether the product or fixture is tilted.

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