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Remove the replacement washing steps about printing machine nozzle plate knowledge sharing

Remove the replacement washing steps about printing machine nozzle plate knowledge sharing source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 12 - 31 browsing: 0

we know to spurt the code machine is always hard to avoid in the process of use of this or that kind of problem, a lot of the time when we encounter problems don't know exactly what went wrong, always need professional maintenance personnel for repair. But sometimes maintenance personnel may not be able to timely arrived, but if we are to have a certain understanding, so for a few small problems is not to need to maintenance personnel can get very good solve. Will bring you in the share of the disassembly and cleaning of the plate printing machine nozzle:

in the first place is to cij printer maintenance disassembly and cleaning method of nozzle plate, when removing and cleaning machine nozzle plate, need to pay attention to remove the nozzle plate after it is forbidden to start the spurt the code machine, under the condition of some faults, even if the spurt the cij printer has been closed, the ink for refill tube and gun body also has certain pressure. To prevent ink leaking, before the disconnect the pipe should be prior to loosen the set screw in the refill tube or refill tube joint tissues. For cleaning procedures unless specified otherwise, it is strictly prohibited contact with finger print head stem or nozzle gems. Must remove the print head from the bracket, remove the nozzle plate is as follows:

1, in the rear of the print head, loosen the hold drops generator set screw.

2. Carefully remove the ink droplet generator from the base, in order to remove the nozzle plate screws, do not pull the cable.

3, remove the four screws to hold the nozzle plate. The nozzle plate from the nozzle plate positioning pin, remove the nozzle plate. When cleaning nozzle, should put the nozzle plate full of appropriate cleaning fluid to clean inside the beaker. Put the beaker ultrasonic cleaning pool filled with water. Start the ultrasonic cleaning pool and the nozzle plate, should be cleaned at least ten minutes.

second for nozzle is damaged need to replace the nozzle, so you should ensure that the new nozzle is the right model. And follow the steps below to replace the nozzle:

1, clean the surface of the ink droplet generator, and the end of the print head stem out of gun. Carefully press the top of the stem, the stem into the gun, to ensure that the valve stem freely.

2, to ensure that the 'O' type circle has been installed, on the face of the ink droplet generator in drops generator installed nozzle plate. Nozzle plate must be placed correctly, such ability to align the screw holes, and ensure the nozzle plate can load a locating pin. Tighten the screws.

3, to install the ink droplet generator on the base, ensure that drops generator load correctly locating pin. Two fixed in the rear of the print head, tighten the screws.

that is about the laser marking machine nozzle removal, cleaning and replacement of some steps to share, share hope this article can help users to spurt the cij printer have a new understanding to spurt the code machine, at the same time also hope when merchants encountered similar problems can help, solve the problem.

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