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Return to work, epidemic prevention propaganda enterprise how to do? Personalization - T-shirt printer

Return to work, enterprise in addition to implement prevention xiaosha measures, propaganda work is indispensable, fully in place of the propaganda is administrative workers during this time one of the most important work, is also the source of employees could focus on their work. Timely and comprehensive propaganda work compared their sanitizers work more useful, you can customize the magnitude of the epidemic prevention propaganda enterprise t-shirts to expand propaganda. Propaganda not only easy to do, but can also be vigilant to others, extremely rich social responsibility consciousness! So how to customize this epidemic prevention propaganda enterprise t-shirts? 1, selection of bottom shirt first of all, we should choose to customize the bottom of T-shirt unlined upper garment, can choose a T-shirt fabrics, such as high count cotton, cotton T-shirt. Clothing style can choose ordinary t-shirts and polo shirts, etc. , not only comfortable to wear, and good joker. 2, the selection of design bottom unlined upper garment, will upload you need T-shirt design, T-shirt designs can be printed in the chest or back, can also be printed on the cuff, anyhow like where I can. Designs can be printed company logo, department, photos, etc. , can also design drawing, all over your heart. 3. Digital jet printing technology choice is through the computer set pattern size, then give orders can use digital jet printing laser printing machine in clothing surface pattern of custom equipment. This process need not plate-making, no pollution, also don't use transfer paper, transfer printing waste paper.

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