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Reveal laser marking machine equipment is how to realize the electric wire electric cable trademark logo engraving

in recent years, with the development of China's industrial modernization, wire and cable industry development faster and faster. Wire and cable to transmit electricity ( Magnetic) Can, information, and electromagnetic energy conversion of wire products. Can be seen everywhere in our daily life, a little careful a little bit of friends can also see the product label on the wire and cable, manufacturer LOGO, etc, since when it comes to the id that is inseparable from the laser marking machine. ( Ps: laser marking machine as the high technical content of marking equipment, code assigned identification information for cable industry has brought great convenience. )

a, wire and cable industry demand cable pipe materials are widely used in construction, equipment manufacturing, national defense construction, electricity, chemical industry, and other areas of the building. Use uniform standard for specification, countries have issued multiple standards, such as GB/T5310, GB/T8163, GB3087, etc. Whether it is a flexible cables or rigid pipe, regulations manufacturers must note the origin on the product packaging or carton information, specifications, manufacturers and their products.

why two, wire and cable processing need laser marking machine

cable pipe products production technology threshold is low, product quality is good and bad are intermingled, fake and inferior occurs frequently and it is difficult to control, consumers are often difficult to judge whether the real thing. In addition, many kinds of cable pipe leakage or buried in the ground, and surface imprinting are easy to be washed off or by hand to touch, to cause users later use. And part is used in the food and pharmaceutical industries pipe demand is higher, for material and printing material non-toxic harmless, nonvolatile faded. Is an urgent need to a permanent marking information processing tools, non-toxic to.

3, laser marking machine in the analysis of application of wire and cable

laser marking machine is to use laser beam in material surface, evaporation and show deep material, thus beautifully carved the patterns of the text. Has the character that is not easy to wear, cannot be changed, by laser printing, can be clearly appeared on the wire of the specifications of the products, name brand, and standard authentication. Laser marking machine has the traditional ink printing and labeling insurmountable processing advantages, now, has been more and more popular in the cable pipe industry.

4, laser marking machine in the application of wire and cable advantages

laser marking machine has flexible structure, convenient adjustment, can be installed on the assembly line; Marking speed, high precision, high stability. Photoelectric conversion rate is high, low energy consumption, cost saving, etc.

guangzhou elegant. prosper identity as a manufacturer of laser marking machine, meet the demand of the cable industry to play as much as possible, and at the same time for different customer groups brought a different solution, also provides customers with co2 laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, 3 d laser marking machine online flight with static target laser equipment, such as for cable and other industries of marking provides more professional technical support.

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