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Reveal why for glass marking should choose ultraviolet laser marking machine

in many industry fields to be able to see the presence of glass products, such as common construction, medical, household, cosmetic, food, beverage, instrument, electronics and other industries have been used. Glass products from the literal meaning to understand glass is used as the main raw material for processing of a commodity, glass is a transparent solid material, in the high temperature melt formed continuous network structure, and a gradual increase in viscosity in the process of cooling and hardening and produce crystalline silicate kind of nonmetal material, also won't be glass. For this kind of special commodity when selecting a laser marking machine should choose uv laser marking machine.

why is uv instead of co2 or optical fiber type? Actually understands laser machine businessmen know that uv laser marking machine is generally used in high-end places used in fine machining. And glass material goods in terms of relative to other material goods, at the request of the identified information code and difficulty is a little harder, so in order to be able to make the logo, the production date, the period of validity, certificate, serial number, qr code, patterns, characters and other information on the glass surface precision of reality there will need to use the effect of ultraviolet laser marking machine, to know it for glass heat influence is relatively small.

with the continuous improvement of people's economic level, more and more customers to have a great demand on the quality of life, not limited to, as long as you need the goods will choose to buy, but will consider many factors. In the past for commodity identification marking requirements is not high, consumers will have to buy goods is vague, but it is not necessarily the effect now. The same types of commodities on the market there are a lot of varieties, so assuming you packaging identity information is not well, so consumers don't pay for it, after all, produce the goods is not only you a. To meet consumer demand for goods high, you will need to use ultraviolet laser marking machine to help glass goods do exquisite carving out text, graphics, logos and identity information, etc.

why simple analysis of the glass you need to use the uv laser marking, then to talk about it again on the advantage of the characteristics of what?

one, the wavelength of ultraviolet laser marking machine is special, but only 355 nm does not affect its beam quality.

secondly, ultraviolet laser marking machine of flare, so relative to the normal marking machine can do more accurate precision marking effect, have high requirements for glass marking of users is a kind of excellent choose

thirdly, its heat affected zone is also very small, not heat effect, thus eliminating the glass material affected by melting and the problem of shape

its 4, uv play mark marking speed than normal laser laser laser marking machine, with high efficiency, stable performance, small volume, low power consumption, long maintenance free, long service life, wide range of marking the characteristics such as

five, ultraviolet laser marking is not only able to use on the glass, for some of the metal and nonmetal materials also can be used on the goods.

all in all, if you want to achieve glass products with exquisite marking effect should choose ultraviolet laser marking machine, has a high standard high demand for other hyperfine marking requirements of goods, also should choose the uv laser marking machine.

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