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Routine maintenance and common troubleshooting of handheld laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-16

Many people will ask you how long this marking machine can be used. The equipment needs to be maintained. It does not mean that it can be used for as long as it is used. , co2 laser marking machine has a comprehensive set of maintenance methods, so that the service life will be closer to the theoretical service life.

Co2 laser marking machine is also known as carbon dioxide laser marking machine, he has two kinds, one is glass tube and metal tube, in terms of service life, the use of metal tube The lifespan is longer, but the maintenance methods are roughly the same, and you need to pay attention to the temperature and air environment.

Co2 laser marking machine needs to pay attention to the small details of maintenance:.

First, the operating temperature requirements.

Co2 laser marking machine works at a suitable temperature and cannot be placed outdoors, especially in winter, the general working environment temperature is between 5℃-30℃.

Second, the power supply voltage requirements.

The power supply requirement is suitable for 220v common voltage, and the ground wire needs to be connected to avoid accidents and the requirements for air quality.

Third, air quality requirements.

The dust-free workshop of the laser marking machine is better, but it is not a dust-free workshop to pay attention to the air quality. If the air quality is poor, pay attention to regularly cleaning the dust inside the machine and The dust on the lens can avoid affecting the marking effect. The processing site is equipped with a smoke machine to protect the operator from inhaling harmful gases, and also protect the surface of the machine inhaling the gas from affecting the service life.

Fourth, ventilation and heat dissipation requirements.

There are two types of Co2 laser marking machine: cooling and water cooling. For cooling, pay attention to whether the cooling effect can be satisfied after the fan is used for a period of time. For water cooling, pay attention to the water level of the water tank. Pay attention to the dynamics of the marking machine at all times. It is recommended to turn off the laser temperature alarm to check the cause, try to make the person leave, and the laser processing is turned off.

Fifth, maintenance requirements.

The laser marking machine not only has requirements for the environment during use, but also needs to be maintained after a period of time, which can prolong the service life of the machine. The maintenance is generally 3- Maintenance once every 6 months, according to the use environment and use time to determine the maintenance and maintenance time, maintenance scope, inspection of all aspects of the laser, cleaning of dust, etc., galvanometer cleaning, marking machine internal cleaning UV laser marking machine and lines and other inspections.

How to solve this problem if the marking depth does not reach the desired depth: .

First, adjust the laser power first. If the power is increased, if the problem has not been solved, go to the next step.

Second, the focal length adjustment, adjust to a reasonable position, the height of the product is different, the plane and non-plane focal lengths need to be re-adjusted.

Third, the marking speed is too fast, and the speed should be slowed down.

It may be due to other reasons that the adjustment parameters cannot meet the requirements, and we should analyze the problem from other aspects.

First, if the lens is used for a long time, there may be dust on the surface, please check it carefully.

Second, whether the power supply is still in a stable state after being used for a long time.

Third, whether the beam expansion position and direction are accurate.

Fourth, whether the optical path adjustment is accurate, the optical path will also affect the marking depth of the marking machine.

Fifth, if the laser is used for a long time, the beam becomes weak, and the laser needs to be replaced, or the continuous marking is checked.

The marked graphics are not standard enough or the difference is very large. This is generally a galvanometer problem. For example, a standard square is printed as a trapezoid or the like when marking. The straight IC automatic laser marking machine is deformed after printing. This method may be the problem of the galvanometer. If the replacement of the galvanometer cannot meet the demand, it may be related to the uneven surface of the marked item. If necessary, use the visual positioning effect. It will be better. The solution can be to correct the galvanometer signal. If the hardware correction still cannot be solved, then choose the software correction.

The line printed by the laser marking machine is a dotted line. How to solve this method: .

First, the transmission is unstable due to the unconnected signal.

Second, there may be a problem with the signal cable.

Third, whether the card insertion position is accurate or not may also be caused.

Fourth, the signal may be interfered, so keep the interference source away from the marking machine.

Fifth, the power output is not stable, which will cause interference marking.

The laser marking machine has all kinds of messy faults during use. The common faults are not these, far more than the above, and the text description is limited, so I will not describe them one by one here. If you encounter problems, please ask professionals to solve them, and non-professionals should not disassemble the machine to avoid accidents or cause more serious failures of the machine.

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