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S800 small character inkjet printer

S800 small character inkjet printer is a very consumable-saving machine, and it is the first choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. If your company needs a printer with stable and reliable performance, affordable price, and low maintenance cost, S800 small character inkjet printer The cij printer can meet your requirements! 1. Stability: The stability of the S800 small character cij printer can be said to be outstanding among the domestic inkjet printers, and it is in a far leading position. You only need to follow the instructions and perform normal maintenance on the machine, and the S800 can do it for you. Long-term operation of the production line to ensure your production efficiency. Second, save consumables: The S800 small character inkjet printer has been optimized for the ink system design, using a series of optimized special ink circuits such as small ink cylinders, small diameter pipeline design, and lower ink operating pressure. It can greatly reduce the disturbance of the liquid in the ink circuit and effectively control the volatilization of the solvent. The consumable consumption of the S800 small character inkjet printer is only 10%-20% of the traditional air source inkjet printer and 60%-70% of the gear pump machine, while the solvent consumption per hour is only 8.5ml, which saves consumables. S800 small character inkjet printer has naturally become one of the most consumable cij printers in the world. 3. Humanized operation design: The main workers in the factory are young people. The young people pay more attention to better operation at work. The S800 small character inkjet printer adopts a touch screen operation interface, which is more conducive to the operation of young people. Get started quickly and effectively improve work efficiency. Fourth, the five advantages of the built-in software 1. You can edit other information while the machine is working, and instantly switch the printing content. 2. It can realize anti-counterfeiting printing and variable barcode printing online. 3. It can receive BMP patterns compiled by the computer, and can directly produce special characters or patterns on the touch screen, and support personal signatures. 4. It has special functions such as encoding synchronization, photoelectric synchronization, synchronizer synchronization and distance, online inspection for N times of printing, and N times of inspection for one printing. 5. The counter step length, increment, decrement, cycle printing, etc. can be set at will. Your choice, my expectation, choose a more suitable inkjet printer, choose a different efficiency! If you want to know more about our inkjet printers, welcome to inquire!

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There are different types of , mainly expiry date printing machine and date printing machine.

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