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S910+ inkjet printer should be careful attention

Caution: Excessive use of solvents or cleaning agents. Since the cleaning agent is used when the machine is stopped, repeatedly stopping and starting the printer may cause excessive use of solvents or cleaning agents, and may cause 'Mixer Tank High' errors and low ink viscosity. Stop quickly. After a quick stop, the printer should not stay in this state for too long, because the quick-drying ink will make it difficult to restart. Equipment damage. When the power is on, do not connect or remove any connectors on the printer, otherwise the printer may be damaged. Cleaning materials. To avoid damaging the printer components, only use a soft brush or soft cloth for cleaning. Do not use high-pressure air, waste cotton thread, or frosted items. Equipment damage. Before performing print head cleaning, make sure that the cleaning agent is consistent with the ink used, otherwise the print head may be damaged. Equipment damage. Before starting the printer, the print head must be completely dry, otherwise the print head may be damaged. The printer is overheating. Report all overheating warnings of the machine to the maintenance engineer. data lost. When you select the option to delete all print information, all information except 'TEST MESSAGE' will be deleted. Unauthorized access to the menu. In order to prevent unauthorized access to the software menu, when exiting from a higher-level password, be sure to perform the clear password operation.

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