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As a kind of marking equipment, cij printers are widely used in the production lines of all walks of life. With the continuous progress of production materials, technology and technology, more and more products have been moved to the production line. Some products are limited by The coding area and production line settings require a coding machine to code the product from different angles. Usually, most people's impression of the inkjet method is that the nozzle is vertically downward to the surface of the product to print. In fact, the cij printer of Leadtech can cover all angles. Some students may ask why the Leadtech machine can print at any angle? Will the ink drip when the nozzle is no longer vertically downward? The answer is: Of course it will not drip! In fact, this is related to the coding principle of the Leadtech cij printer. In the actual printing process, the ink has obtained a set pressure value in the pipeline, and the ink reaches the nozzle through the ink pipeline, and the ink ejected from the nozzle It is decomposed into ink droplets of equal size and spacing through a process called modulation. The ink droplets are given negative charges of different voltages on the charging plate. The ink droplets are electrostatically deflected between the two deflection plates, and then they are on the desired product. Print the desired information effect on the printer. Because of the printing principle, the small ink droplets ejected have selected the correct landing point at the moment of departure, and the landing point deviation caused by gravity can be ignored. Although Leadtech's print heads can be used for coding at any angle, there are still important points to pay attention to when installing the print heads: the host of the printer needs to be installed on a stable surface, and the back of the printer should be 15cm above the obstacle. distance. The bending radius of the nozzle throat should not be less than 75mm. (For special occasions, Leadtech also equips a right-angle nozzle for customers to choose.) If the nozzle needs to be moved, the maximum stroke of the nozzle during installation should be shorter than the length of the nozzle throat. The throat should have a sharp edge Curved pictures of arcs, actual application site pictures-END-For more information, please visit Leadtech's official website: or call:

Getting doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and a expiry date printing machine cij printer in place.

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