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Selection and maintenance of inkjet printer nozzles_inkjet printer

The nozzles of cij printers can be roughly divided into two categories:

1. Nozzles such as gem nozzles are commonly used in early inkjet printers. The nozzles are outside of stainless steel. A gem piece with a diameter of about 2 mm is squeezed into the circle, and there is a hole in the center of the gem piece with a diameter of about 30-80 microns.

2. Stainless steel nozzles are now used by most manufacturers , The stainless steel nozzle is made of a stainless steel disc with a diameter of about 5 mm and a thickness of about 1 mm, and a hole with a diameter of about 30-80 is burned on it by a laser.

Two cij printers Comparison of two kinds of nozzles:

1. Finish The gemstone nozzle has a relatively high finish without any burrs. Because the stainless steel nozzle has been burned with a laser, there are generally more burrs and not smooth. However, the finish is smooth by grinding. It can also reach the level of jewel nozzle

2. Production process of jewel nozzles. During the production process of jewel nozzles, the jewel pieces are easily crushed, which is more complicated. The stainless steel inkjet printer is relatively simple, as long as the laser is used on the stainless steel plate Just punch holes

3. The cost is much higher than the price of a stainless steel nozzle.

4. The breakpoint adjustment of the jewel nozzle is due to the jewel piece and crystal vibration. The spacing is not fixed (the strength of the extrusion process determines the depth of the gem piece in the stainless steel outer circle), it is more troublesome to call a good break point. The stainless steel nozzle has the same thickness, basically as long as the grinding is better, it is easy to break Good points.

Maintenance of the nozzle of the cij printer

Manufacturer Technology Co., Ltd. reminds: During the use of the inkjet printer, if the nozzle is blocked Or in the state of micro-blocking, it is impossible to code or code. If the unit is qualified, you can remove the nozzle and put it in the ultrasonic to open it. There are some simple methods, such as putting the nozzle in a bottle cap, Put some diluent in it (or put some water, because there may be some inorganic salts and the like, the diluent can't be dissolved. It's really impossible to use dilute hydrochloric acid. No more than replace the nozzle), buckle the bottle cap with your hand , Use tweezers or screwdriver to tap, the general blockage can be washed through. There are also some nozzles that are slightly blocked, such as the viscosity is suitable, the total break is not good, the printing is not good, and the printing is unstable. This can be done with the inkjet filter. The wire goes through the nozzle.

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