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Several obvious advantages of series S900 inkjet printer

The S900 small character cij printer can perform 34 dot matrix printing. The ink system and nozzles have been innovatively improved to more adapt to different ink needs. Excellent stable performance, high-definition printing quality, the most cost-effective automatic marking equipment suitable for various industries and various marking needs. Advanced performance The original ink viscosity detection and liquid level detection technology ensure the high-definition printing quality of the machine, and it is more suitable for anti-migration ink and yellow ink than similar machines. The nozzle design that can be completely dissected completely solves the problem of nozzle clogging that has always existed in the industry and reduces the user's cost. The design of the magnetic control non-contact high voltage switch completely avoids machine failure caused by poor contact after long-term use. The maintenance is simpler and the inspection is easier. The circuit system and the ink system are separated to avoid accidental damage to the machine during maintenance and use. The drawer type ink system makes maintenance more convenient. Directly operate the closing of the individual valves and pumps of the ink system through the menu, which makes it easier to judge the malfunction of the machine and eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs. Perfect function, convenient and durable The automatic cleaning function of the nozzle ensures that the machine can run stably for a long time. The unique 34-dot matrix design meets the requirements of customers in different industries for various logos. Chinese display menus, built-in 12-dot matrix and 16-dot matrix, each with 3000 Chinese character libraries, pinyin input, and online pattern editing. Spin-type ink adding system, plug and play, no need to replace the ink tank, saving consumables. It supports data transmission and can be combined with other electronic equipment (such as weighing instrument, computer) to form a complete automatic identification system. Special printing fonts and printing modes can be tailored for customers with special requirements. WYSIWYG, drop-down Chinese menu, easy to operate. Always maintain excellent coding quality S900 small character cij printer provides the clearest coding effect for different industries. Up to 16-bit phase control, accurate ink dot split position and accurate charging. Specially provide ink series developed to obtain the best printing effect. The temperature, viscosity, and pressure of the ink are detected in real time and automatically corrected. For more information about inkjet printers, laser cij printers, and imported inkjet printers, please log on to our official website: toll-free number:, consultation number: 020-87227827

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