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Shallow of ultraviolet laser marking machine the importance in the sign industry

about the word 'logo' can let us think of is some signs, trademarks, information such as company name, logo, logo, of course, there are some we see in daily life on the goods labels, bar code, the qr code, date, number, characters, Numbers, English and other information, this information is also belong to one of the sign industry, the existence of this kind of information is needed a device to designed according to user's thought, involved in the business scope is quite widespread, but because of this, to make of the intimate relationship between industry and industry, and promote the continuous development of the society.

and ultraviolet laser marking machine as one of the types of laser marking equipment, at the same time also is indispensable in the sign industry a marking equipment, can help users is simple or complex information markers and recognition, is indispensable for sign industry. The working principle of ultraviolet laser laser laser marking machine are implemented through the role of the ablation photochemical, that is depending on the laser high-energy object or a chemical reaction in an object's surface, and marking of a model. Uv wavelength of 355 nm. The smallest gather light and heat influence ( Negligible) , make its have hyperfine, and special material of mark effect, for those who need hyperfine processing high-end industry is the inevitable choice.

due to the particularity of ultraviolet laser marking machine, can yet be regarded as a good news for domestic sign industry. Sign industry already more and more important in the information not replication, in other words is the identity information, not change, also can't let the 'bad guys' are profitable, the identity information of the goods must be clear, can't give consumers a misleading, and so on and so forth. May exist in such a situation before: some businesses for goods has expired, but don't want to throw away fear give yourself to a bigger loss, and to change of commodity production date, in order to mislead consumers, give consumers safety brought hidden trouble. But in the use of ultraviolet laser marking, this kind of situation will not again, because of the information on the goods under the premise of not completely destroy is not modify, once the goods damage is also means the goods need to eliminate, will not mislead consumers to buy, bring the inconvenience.

uv laser marking machine to the existence of some of the food industry, pharmaceutical industry enterprises has brought more convenience, but also can make a different level that the safety of these products, for consumers is the most important is the problem of food safety problems, and drug safety, the existence of this kind of problem is in the national as well as one of the first close department attention problems. If raw manufacturers with the industry and USES the laser marking machine to mark information, then can let the consumer to the manufacturer is more reliable. Suppose when goods appear problem, also can through the production batch number and other relevant information on the goods goods back, can reduce the problem of goods on the market circulation, etc.

in addition to some of the food and drug industry, for some materials, clocks and watches, jewelry, jewelry, auto parts, electronics, mobile phones, daily chemical, cosmetics and other industries is also can get a good use of, at the same time, a laser mark for the industry advantage and what they need. Uv laser marking machine has a permanent and indelible, generally only in severely damaged surfaces can lead to damage of identity information, at the same time in playing mark process will not destroy the object itself, it is very important for businesses, especially, especially some high-end goods.

all in all, uv laser marking from special materials, fine marking, fine carving, to fine processing and so on, is unmatched by other versions. For any industry in terms of identity information solutions can be delicate to complete the task, in the sign industry occupies a particularly important role.

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