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Sharing technology, advantage characteristics of optical fiber laser marking machine is introduced

fiber laser marking machine is a kind of relatively high ratio of code equipment, it is to use a kind of high energy density of laser to local irradiation of artifacts, is the surface material in chemical reactions and left a permanent marking mode. Its optical fiber laser marking machine is mainly divided into two kinds: one kind is ordinary optical fiber laser marking machine, the other is a desktop convenient type of optical fiber laser marking machine. Two parameters, the respect such as marking, performance is the same, the only difference is that the overall appearance is different, the former is used need to be installed on the bracket, the latter is used directly on the surface of the table. Able to meet the business demand for use in the way.

general with printing, ink printing, stamping, electrical corrosion, ink jet printing way is unable to form of optical fiber laser marking machine to match, it is the darling of the laser processing field. Merchants want to print out on metal and nonmetal material information such as text, symbols, designs, will need to use the optical fiber laser marking machine, it can also help the size of the characters on the transformation from mm to micron, anti-counterfeiting of the product has a special meaning.

fiber laser marking machine is the introduction of imported laser technology, produce very fine after focusing the laser beam can be on surfaces for non-contact processing, will not be processed goods damage, also won't produce mechanical extrusion, the stress, to be able to complete some using conventional methods can not meet the technique. It was able to mark any form of identity information, as long as because related to computers and the business of their own design content. In short, as long as can recognize through computer sketches of marking system design drawings, so the user want to tag information will be accurate on the surface, the advantage of the main features of the five aspects:

1, the processing reliability, traditional way of tag may not satisfy diversified marking requirements, but also can not guarantee tag information is clear, no damage more cannot guarantee processing goods. Optical fiber laser marking machine belongs to give contact environmental marking, marking the any information is a high resolution, permanent, abrasion scrape resistance, is not affected by the outside world.

2, the use of computer graphics, more accurate and correct. With the aid of computer mapping tools produced by the logo is better in the typesetting, accuracy, and can ensure the consistency of all product identification information.

3, anti-counterfeiting performance is stronger, the traditional is likely to cause marked counterfeit goods, and the optical fiber laser marking machine is able to reduce the probability of product was counterfeit, increase the consumer's trust to the product.

4, improve efficiency. Optical fiber laser code belongs to dynamic marking, in speed is 2 times more than traditional form, and the whole machine maintenance free and long continuous work, to increase the economic benefit for enterprise businesses.

5, looks more beautiful. Look from the Angle of the processing fine, beautiful is more ornamental, enhance the grade of the goods.

all in all, to be able to provide for the customer from the laser marking machine selection, form a complete set of equipment to one-stop services, such as after-sales maintenance for businesses to develop comprehensive and complete the assignment of marks, tag, such as processing code solution. We have both single equipment, also have a complete set of system solutions for businesses to choose, to meet the diversified needs.

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