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Small characters spurt the code machine ink selection need attention

Small characters need points needing attention for selecting the spurt the code machine ink source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 8 - 23 browsing: 0

all products related to spurt the code machine cannot leave the effect of ink, ink is printed out, it is different from the laser marking machine is not need material printing. But ink adhesion is easily affected by external factors, any temperature, humidity cleaner effects to cij printer spray printing, so we are choosing small characters jet. the must take into account the impact of external factors, the production process must be considered and may lead to the environment, as far as possible to spurt the code to create an environment for drying and easy curing condition, the choice of ink is also particularly important, should choose consistent with the previously used ink color, such ability can avoid machine to clean, and marking result affected.

but if you want to achieve the ultimate perfect logo effect requires system after several aspects to consider, won't appear the print logo coding fuzzy, influence customer understand the information, and so on and so forth, to share a few of small characters jet. the select ink should consider certain conditions:

1, either on the type of material need to consider the materials to the particularity of it will affect printing ink on the product of the force.

2, whether because there are other factors in the process of production and affect the spurt the cij printer identification marking effect.

3, whether can satisfy the customer to identify fonts, colors, shapes, resolution requirements.

4, spurt the code machine working environment is what kind of a state, whether to need to use other production technology can play a better marking effect, other process on the impact of small characters of machine is important?

5, in the small character spurt the cij printer for marking effect, after the customer for the ink completely in a dry state whether there is a time requirements, whether to need to do the function of synchronous airing effect?

6, for ink brand, color, material to choose whether or not there are other requirements?

it is important to note that many users in the use of cij printer ink often encountered such as poor adhesion and easy off the ink related issues, this is what the user is not reasonable to consider laser marking machine and ink, and to implement the marking effect of the problem. So the user should choose when replacement ink to spurt the code machine correspond to spurt the code machine used by the original ink, and different industry is comparatively large difference on the requirements of the ink, so subtle differences can also affect the ink, want the user to reasonable consideration when choose to spurt the code machine ink, rather than a random choice.

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