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Small producers must understand the character of eggs spurt the code machine in the use of scatter factor is what?

Small producers must understand the character of eggs spurt the code machine in the use of scatter factor is what? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2019 - 2 - 28 browsing: 0

many consumers believe that have to supermarkets, retail stores, wholesalers, markets and other places to buy eggs experience? We can find that there are many kinds of eggs, when there are a small part of the egg is quite special, he was on the surface there is a special logo, date and other information, also there is identity information associated with it. Have a certain understanding of producers will be able to know these information are implemented using spurt the code machine, under normal circumstances we would choose the small character spurt the code machine, it is able to match the conveyor belt use, so as to improve the efficiency of the production and processing.

although egg shell surface information can be through a small character spurt the cij printer implementation, but recently there are many customers encountered such a problem: spray print information on the egg is a scatterplot, have had an impact on the effects of jet printing. If you also have such doubts, hope this sharing can help you ~ normally small characters spurt the code machine in use process will appear a scatter is mainly caused by the following three factors:

a cij printer, eggs appear scatter first spurt the code machine nozzle reasons caused by nozzle voltage, aging, jam scatter problem, specific performance is as follows: the voltage is too high, spurt the code machine nozzle in spray seal strength increases, but just spray printing material is relatively hard, at this time only need lower voltage can solve the problem; nozzle aging, lead to the high interval cannot achieve spurts India, also may produce spray print scatter; At this point need to replace the nozzle; Due to spurt the code machine nozzle orifice is blocked, but still not be blocked, leading to the nozzle spray print ink drops is no longer a straight line, so lead to scatter on the spray print content, only need to get off nozzle, nozzle cleaning.

2, egg jet. the appear scatter a second reason for

product delivery is not stable, may be due to the unstable injection printing products, so lead to spray print scatter. Where you need to adjust the position of the conveyor products, speed and other issues, product delivery and spray printing speed to match.

3, egg jet. the appear scatter a third reason for

signal interference problem: if there are other signals interfere with the spurt the code machine, are also likely to be a scatter on the phenomenon.

above all is about eggs cij printer in the spray on the eggshell scatter three factors and the corresponding solutions, hoping to help the friend in need, if you have other related Suggestions for operators will not be able to solve the problems related to the technical personnel to understand. Information:

the long time to shut down the small character spurt the code machine. What should I do? '

the small character matters need to pay attention to spurt the code machine ink choice

' about a character to spurt the code machine maintenance those things you really understand? 》

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