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Special Topics on Coding Application in Beverage Industry

The beverage industry coding application topic is usually very harsh in the operating environment of the beverage production workshop, from high-speed production lines to condensation and other requirements. Beverage packaging coding and marking 01 Industry requires high speed: In response to the continuous speed-up trend of the beverage industry, whether high-speed and stable coding can be guaranteed has become a key factor for manufacturers to choose marking equipment. Continuous and stable: The beverage production line is a long-term continuous high-speed production unit, even a very short downtime will bring huge losses to customers. Therefore, the minimum downtime or even no downtime is a rigid requirement for marking equipment. Printing cost: Relatively speaking, the unit price of beverage products is relatively low, so strict control of coding cost is beneficial to improve product competitiveness. 02 Leadtech product features Leadtech provides high-speed cij printers to meet the production needs of 40,000-50,000 bottles per hour. In addition, the Leadtech laser machine can meet the production demand of 80,000 to 90,000 bottles per hour. Our unique fully-sealed sprinkler design; 100 times of on/off only requires one manual cleaning, which helps the production line to run continuously and uninterruptedly. Leadtech 8900/10 cij printer is suitable for beverage production lines. It is a flexible printer with 3-line inkjet and barcode inkjet capabilities. The grade of seamless steel accessories is IP55. Leadtech CSL30 laser machine has a wide range of marking heads, lenses and laser tube options. Leadtech lasers can meet your specific application with a speed and altitude of 900 m/min. Leadtech equipment: 8910 cij printer printing content: production date u0026 expiry date, batch number, 2-line printing substrate: metal can bottom Leadtech equipment: CSL30 laser machine coding content: production date, expiration date, 2-line coding substrate: PET bottle production speed: 60,000 bottles/hour For more information, please visit Leadtech's official website: or call:

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