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Spring Festival-bottled foods need to be cautious and anti-counterfeiting

The Spring Festival is approaching, and it is also the best time for beautiful reunions and gatherings. In such a lively occasion, bottled food is naturally inseparable, such as bottled drinks, bottled beer and so on. These are the ones that are used the most, and it is also the period when these consumptions are the best, and when there are most counterfeit products. So how to prevent counterfeit goods? Counterfeit goods are harmless to us. First of all, we must be fully prepared to fight counterfeit goods, and we must never allow counterfeit goods to remain on the market. Use the cij printer to print the code on the bottled packaging, indicating the unique 'identity'. The first point of the coding: the content of the coding is the production date, expiration date, factory name and location, trademark, etc.; 2. Let consumers know the production date and manufacturer information at a glance; 3. Prevent counterfeiting and counterfeiting; 4. , It is conducive to the management system of the manufacturer, improves the company's corporate image, and establishes the reputation of the reputation. The editor hereby reminds everyone that when buying bottle-packaged products, pay special attention to the production date and the manufacturer’s letter to confirm that you are buying. Anti-counterfeit goods need to be cautious.

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