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Spurt the code machine in the food packaging industry on the analysis of the practical application

in the food packaging industry the practical application on the analysis of source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 8 - 31 browsing: 0

we all know that any one industry is the need for the packaging of goods, unless it's some of the day's sales and shelf life of only one day in terms of goods may not be needed use packaging, such as some breakfast food only sales in the morning. But for most of the goods are needed for packaging in advance and then the sales to customers, can effective food packaging for food play a protective role, to avoid the external factors, including biology, chemistry, physics, to the injury of the food, play a certain isolation effect. We buy can be found in the food of food as in the image below shows some basic information.

there is a certain understanding of the consumers know this kind of information is usually choose to use to cij printer implementation, namely adopt the way of printing ink to achieve such an effect, but for the food industry province on his assignment of identity information code requirements must be a little higher than other industries, the main reasons are: food shelf life is relatively short, only a few days the shortest possible time, the products are of high yield, wide variety, food packaging material is a paper box, plastic, tin box, such as a variety of styles, and so on commodity code assigned has certain difficulty, in order to be able to resolve the food industry for commodity code excellence of high standard requirements, on the advice of food industry businesses in choosing a spurt the code machine should pay attention to details.

for the food industry manufacturers choose to spurt the code machine must be high resolution, high quality, and the advantages of resistance to wipe, such ability can ensure the quality of the print, at the same time should also will become a little bit more simple operation, so as to meet the production requirements, and improve the work effect. If the selected spurt the cij printer can monitor that is better but through the network, so can not only meet the needs of manufacturers to assign a code, also can adapt to the development of food industry logo.

all in all, spurt the code machine used on food packaging business has the following characteristics:

1, although the existence of the laser marking machine can replace many spurt the cij printer, but still able to cij printer play an important role in the food industry.

2, to spurt the code machine in the production of large, profit point, flexible packaging a high proportion of the food industry in solving the problem of identity

3, also able to provide high quality food packaging industry, the standard font size, font size integrated identification code, make its overall look more beautiful.

4, different corresponding to spurt the code machine ink supplies, can reduce the error of merchants on the choice.

5, for some products in bulk consumers can quickly find the effective information, such as production date in small commodities to spurt the code machine can again the body spray printing, and so on.

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