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Spurt the code machine maintenance and repair dry toner cartridge share will regret oh

maintenance and repair dry toner cartridge share watch will regret oh sources: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 3 - Browse 11 0

with the wide popularity of the logo printing equipment, consumers are often asked how to extend the service life of cij printer, how to maintain at ordinary times, why the same type of spurt the code machine is in use for a period of time after the effect is completely different, and so on many problems. In fact this is mainly because the consumer in the process of normal use without a good understanding, in particular the lack for daily maintenance and maintenance cartridge, also don't know how to use the better, this is the main cause of the problem. Today and you talk about how to maintain spurt the code machine ink cartridges! ! ! !

one, should be paid attention to when using the cij printer spurts India? 1, the best spray print distance: suggested that the surface of the nozzle and spray printing surface keep within 3 mm. Note: some high-performance intelligent ink recommended spray distance at 0. 5 ~ 1毫米。 2, the ink box of the best environmental temperature at 5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ humidity was 30% ~ 60%. 3, wipe the card holder shall be promptly put into use; 4, if not used immediately, please use card set set to live, so as not to dry the nozzle, nozzle temporary plugging caused by 5, the use of printing equipment provided in the nozzle maintenance functions: 'a key to clean', 'free ink'.

2, for different ink on the use and maintenance should be how to do? 1, water-based ink: spray on the right amount of distilled water on non-woven fabric; Non-woven lay flat, nozzle down, gently and slowly in the direction as shown to wipe the nozzle; If the nozzle clogging, after wiping, still cannot achieve good spray printing effect, but the card cartridge nozzle immersion in around 30 ℃ warm water for 5 minutes, and then use the distilled water wetting clean non-woven wipe nozzle; If use more than wiping method still can't solve please send the cartridge back to the original factory maintenance. 2, solvent ink: non-woven flat dry, nozzle down, according to the direction of graphic and gently wipe the nozzle; Do not use other solvents such as water and alcohol to wipe the nozzle; When wiping and system maintenance can meet, can use pumping ink ( Note: the large capacity the ink bag using this method is not recommended) Warm prompt: pumping air bubbles often, can cause nozzle permanent damage, suggest to use less as far as possible the method.

3, spurt the code machine equipment should be how to maintain?

when wiping cannot satisfy the maintenance, can use three ways to deal with - Start the system self maintenance: one of a key to start cleaning: please enter the system Settings, secondly start free inkjet: please enter the system Settings; Third nozzle switch: please enter the system Settings.

4, in view of the big ink bag maintenance note 1, pencil box nozzle cleaning method is the same as 42 ml cartridges, water-based ink with wet cloth to wipe, solvent-based inks use dry cloth to wipe, 2 nozzle clogging, as shown in the right way can be used for processing, fixture pumping ink cannot be used for pumping ink! 3, ink should be stored in a cool environment, avoid direct sunlight. When you don't spray printing ink card box, shall be immediately removed from the device, wipe clean the nozzle surface, and snared, keep the direction of nozzle up, placed in sealed, clean space.

5, about ink cartridge with the use of other ink 1, ink card box please use the original factory standard card sets; 2, different types of ink, it is forbidden to share the cartridge card set; 3, solvent ink such as immediate use, please do not open original packaging! 4, solvent ink packaging once opened, please immediately put into use and used up as soon as possible! 5, solvent ink, please ensure that the warranty period used up!

6, matters needing attention about spurt the code machine ink cartridges using 1, in order to ensure best spray printing quality, please use only from the original purchase of cloth; 2, prohibition of forced or water-based ink was dry cloth to wipe the nozzle, so as not to damage the nozzle; 3, forbid water, alcohol and other solvent cleaning solvent ink nozzle; 4, banned the use of cotton wool cloth to wipe the nozzle, so as to avoid fur plug nozzle; 5, prohibition of forced to jilt ink cartridge, pressure can damage the nozzle to avoid ink or bubble; 6, wipe the nozzle, please ensure that the card holder contact clean; 7, wiping cloth it is forbidden to use repeatedly; 8, Solvent ink short open time and wipe the nozzle should be taken before use.

the above six points is about the spurt the cij printer ink cartridges share maintenance and repair dry, need friends can be saved to favorites of oh, if there's anything else don't understand the question consult our professional and technical personnel, hope to help you all ~

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