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Spurt the code machine operation procedure analysis? Beginners quickly understand spurt the code machine operating skills

operation procedure analysis? Beginners quickly understand spurt the code machine operating skills source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2019 - 3 - Browse 13 0

for many beginners to spurt the code machine operation procedures are not understand, therefore, as a novice to quickly understand the spurt the code machine operating instructions there is a skill. operation procedures can also be called standardization process ( SOP) , for each a customer use spurt the code machine, is very necessary to develop, including paper document materials and video is introduced. Through many years of industry experience, summed up the role as the core of spurt the code machine operation procedures, including the following two points:

specification of machine operation personnel's behavior standards, to ensure the normal and reasonable use of spurt the code machine, whoever can quickly get started to use, avoid artificial damage. Carried out in accordance with the manufacturer specified method to maintain clean and adjustment, regular check, can have a standard reference, guarantee the stability of the spurt the code machine, the problem of failure and nip in the bud, guarantee the stability, improve production efficiency.

so as a novice how to quickly learn and understand the spurt the code machine operation procedures, let's daily work more smoothly? For the novice to arrange for three small points:

before using, spurt the code machine with a reasonable place, two points to note here, one is the environment ( Can include temperature, humidity stable normal, avoid overheating or excessive moisture) , the environment is good or bad will directly affect the working process of the spurt the code machine, including ink, solvent usage, such as failure rate, more common spurt the code machine failure rate is summer than in winter. Second is whether the electrostatic interference has been ruled out, belong to spurt the code machine more sophisticated electronic equipment, especially the nozzle part, need to charge the ink, and high pressure deflection, if there are some other large equipment or electrostatic not connected and the potential damage to equipment, unsafe, light spurt the code machine is not stable, typing is not good, and so on and so forth, heavy circuit board burned, the screen will appear the phenomenon such as damage of circuit board, so these two columns in the first place, to be priority. In use process in obvious places with the brand, the model corresponds to cij printer operation procedures, ensure that each user can be seen in the first place, and can effectively reference, procedures simple, mainly reflects some of the core processes and thoughts, expressed in plain language, the lower the threshold of the user operation, facilitate common use is presented. In use process we should pay attention to the point is to spurt the code machine maintenance and maintenance, according to the characteristics of different machine and ink types, regular maintenance and maintenance, guarantee the normal operation of spurt the code machine ink road system, guarantee the quality of the filter and the operation condition, to a greater degree of security machine spurts India in use process information effect is balanced, abnormal situation will be less.

through above, any new will to spurt the code machine operation procedures, but I still need to pay attention to some details: mainly refers to the operating instructions content updates, and spurt the code machine change, update the response.

with the constant progress of spurt the code machine technology and user demand for the diversification of product logo printing, especially this year, the variable of the qr code printing requirements, in terms of product security traceability, offline marketing, qr code identification has a natural advantage, can pass a little qr code, storage and reflects the large amounts of information content, make consumers and manufacturers can communicate directly.

this will face a lot of factory need to replace the new spurt the code machine, qr code jet. the spurt the code machine, compared to traditional small characters on software upgrade is very big, also to the requirement of operation personnel to be higher than normal demand a layer, then we in the update operating procedures when they need to control the content, make sure that the operating methods, steps, the user can understand and accept it.

in addition, after a perfect operation procedures, we also need to constantly communicate with manufacturer, keep in touch, in the software update, can undertake the changes of update the first time, guarantee the timeliness and effectiveness of our content, avoid the out of date. To sum up, ready to spurt the cij printer operation procedures, can effectively promote the printing logo for internal product factory production process link efficiency, is that we must be prepared to, also can do, such ability can improve the work efficiency. Both novice and experienced in the operation will not be able to solve the problems in the process of must consulting professional and technical personnel, so as to ensure the normal use of equipment. Relevant recommendations: spurt the code machine safety operation procedures to know how much? operation and safety management regulations to understand explore jet. the basic operation have?

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