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Spurt the code machine should choose domestic brand or import brand good? How to choose to spurt the code machine brand?

should choose domestic brand or import brand good? How to choose to spurt the code machine brand? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 12 - Browse 24 0

spurt the code machine types and cars, import, joint ventures and domestic basic is divided into three major categories, generally all is the most expensive, the price of imports is a joint venture of times, homebred under the condition of the same configuration is likely to be the cheapest, it actually also is easy to understand, after all, the whole import taxes alone is a very large number, but in the eyes of people, often import means quality more perfect and more perfect after-sales service, so the cij printer profession, also has the same laws? Below by printing vendors would give you a simple comparison:

in terms of the quality of the quality of imported laser marking machine should be a little bit higher than domestic will, after all, the invention to spurt the code machine is not at home, that is to say, the foreign technology could ahead of us for several years, domestic and imported laser marking machine set are generally more humanized, when they were in the production of machine will be more considering the operators when use convenience, this might domestic brands also cannot achieve the effect of imported printing machine.

in addition, imported printing machine manufacturing technology is more advanced, for the domestic haven't considered protection grade, abroad have already considered, and apply it to spurt the code machine, one is energy saving, spurt the cij printer imported materials, although the price a little bit expensive, but at the same number of products under the premise of spray, spurt the code machine imported material usage is lower than domestic printing machine. The last point is the use of life, the use of imported printing machine cycle is very long, basically in the case of maintenance in place, a machine with a 7 - Eight years is very normal, and the service life of the domestic machine almost only 5 years or so.

in terms of the cost of domestic printing machine price advantage is obvious, not just the machine, including the price of consumables, accessories are much lower than import, with the domestic half share in the domestic printing function, the biggest reasons for the imported printing machine is good, but not all companies can use up, sometimes a little parts is broken, may take a couple thousand to fix, it must be most companies are not acceptable. So customer considering domestic jet. the tend to consider the after-sales service, if after-sale guarantee, is willing to support the Chinese people.

general domestic laser marking machine prices in more than ten thousand yuan to twenty thousand yuan or so. Imported printing machine price is in thirty thousand yuan to eighty thousand yuan, is almost three times as many domestic. Performance, of course, is the stability of the imported good. But now the quality of the MTK also to catch up, such as morning news spurt the code machine, it incorporates JinKouJi technology. Buying spurt the code machine to consider more material, didn't choose good, spurt the code machine in the process of long-term use of virtually will cost you more money, increase a lot of costs. This is very important. Material price, the import of almost 2 times is domestic. Some manufacturers of the machine is still very consumption of ink, so you want to choose more.

above all, spurt the code machine recommended businesses in choosing a spurt the code machine brand recommends buying has the independent research and development technology, and printing equipment and consumables live, this is an ideal cost-effective spurt the code machine. , after all, the material will not be able to choose inferior material, or you can reduce the service life of printing equipment.

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