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Spurt the code machine use common sense: how to reduce the potential safety hazard problems?

use common sense: how to reduce the potential safety hazard problems? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - 29 browsing: 0

about potential safety hazard is essential for the factory, the factory production equipment so much is always very hard to avoid can appear some safety problems. equipment used in sign industry is becoming more and more become one of the indispensable component in the industry production, since this is the machine that long possible security problems, the premise is in under the condition of normal use, under the condition of normal use is the principle of an accident is less, the following will give you to explain how to spurt the code machine should do to reduce the potential safety hazard exists:

the first is the fire, why is fire? Because most in the spurt the code machine used by the consumables are containing ketone, alcohol, such as the chemical composition of flammable and explosive, once a fire then, how to think about the consequences of which by the devastating fire is and its strong. In use process must pay attention to fire prevention, such as we in the cleaning materials used in the paper towel should be handled in time, within the office environment do not allow smoking employees, etc. , should put an end to all the external factors may cause a fire. After use must be conducted to spurt the code machine power disconnected, at the same time will be recycled paper, ink and other flammable objects and safe method for processing and use of consumables cap should be tight.

followed by routine maintenance, regular maintenance to spurt the cij printer have the effect of protection, but also reduce the potential safety hazard of a practice. Daily maintenance work including the working environment, ink, accessories, shower nozzle, maintenance, operation, cleaning and other major work. Daily work environment without regular cleaning will accumulate dirt, work environment dust too much easy to make it into the main ink cartridges, thus affecting the nozzle influences the marking effect; On the operation should be strictly in accordance with the normal operation ways to operate, and not able to random disassembly machine parts; To spurt the code machine ink must use original high quality ink, when the ink after the use, the subsequent purchase also should use the original manufacturers recommend ink; At the end of the spurt the code machine run off should be timely clean the nozzle clean, and will be with cushions on the nozzle cap of moisture; Nozzle is one of the most easily damaged parts of the whole equipment, must use light to take light put, for nozzle and recycle hole this two parts also need timely cleaning before the downtime. These routine maintenance can prolong the service life of spurt the code machine, also can prolong the service life of the nozzle, at the same time also can reduce the security hidden danger.

the last is the necessary safety measures and emergency measures avoided, the safety prevent measures can reduce the unnecessary accidents such as fire, emergency measures to solve sudden accidents. Security measures mainly include: smoking prohibited in the working environment, the operators must wear protective glasses and protective gloves, keep the air circulation, avoid excessive amounts of MEK in the space, handle the waste liquid, liquid to splash out also need to be clear in time, avoid supplies direct contact lenses, mouth, skin and other parts. Emergency measures mainly include: when the ink, solvents and other consumables accidentally hit a glasses, skin etc, should be immediately washed with water, conditions allow the best cleaning with physiological saline, and shall not be less than 15 minutes. When the situation does not decrease the aggravating, should go to a hospital making inspection in time.

above all is about cij printer in use process should pay attention to matters, and the corresponding measures, ready to appeal to reduce injuries, fire safety problems, such as, if not mentioned also please forgive me, hope any manufacturers are able to make it the appeal of some problems.

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