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Stainless steel painted exquisite show you just need to color laser marking machine don't you know?

about stainless steel for most people won't feel strange, often can see in our daily life is the stainless steel products. And as the current industrial laser marking machine is more advanced and effective laser processing equipment, its advantages, the stability of the equipment performance and marking effect of sex by many industries gradually known and accepted. At this stage we can in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, building materials industry, cosmetics industry, beverage industry, mobile phone industry, such as alcohol and tobacco industry are found in the application of laser marking technology, color and stainless steel laser is a new demand for the user.

was said stainless steel colour is a kind of new demand point because of laser marking machine is only black, oxidation dozen white both, but it is not common for oxidation. Because the stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and elegant decoration, its will be widely used in many fields, in order to be able to meet the needs of most users for stainless steel color, wei in the MRT launched a can be added with color graphics tag color laser marking technology, a laser marking machine can in stainless steel, and stainless steel perfect combination and elegant color pattern is formed on the surface, improve the level of the stainless steel products.

in fact, the principle of color laser marking machine with our common principle of laser marking machine is the same. Is using high energy density laser beam effect on stainless steel products, and make its surface to generate colored oxide/generate a colorless transparent oxide film, as a result of the thin film optical interference effect and presents a kind of color effect. By controlling the laser energy and parameters for different thickness of oxide layer so as to present a different color, and even can realize the gradient color marking is colour chart of what we see is marked effect.

of course, the application of stainless steel color laser marking machine also not very special, just like the normal laser marking equipment can be on the surface of stainless steel to digitally, characters, qr code, bar code, design, logo and other information of the tag, not only can satisfy the product traceability information, at the same time also can meet the overall effect of beautiful stainless steel products. For some need to customize special graphic user will be able to meet their needs, fully give consumers want to innovative ideas, strong personal a creative at the same time, the feeling of novelty. The laser marking machine can be used in tableware, automobile, construction, technology, tableware, etc.

but it is important to note, like aluminum laser anti, ordinary laser marking machine is difficult to achieve stainless steel color laser marking process. Therefore need to choose color marking special laser matching, let the pulse width adjustable, achieve better color effect. Using MOPA fiber laser, for example, it can realize constant peak power output and can be applied to a wider range of engraving base material, can achieve ordinary laser marking machine can't do, this is caused by different users demand.

all in all, only need to use for the problem of stainless steel painted color laser marking machine can be easily solved, and the user requirements of different to drive the laser marking machine in the other direction. To understand different types, the marking requirements of material consult our customer service, we can according to your requirements to provide one-stop laser marking services.

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