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Standardize cosmetics labeling and identification-'Cosmetics Supervision and Administration Regulations'

Cosmetics have no Chinese labels, irregular labels and false claims, etc. from time to time. The current cosmetics labeling is regulated by the 'Cosmetic Hygiene Supervision RegulationsThe “Regulations on the Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) promulgated a few days ago made specific and clear provisions on cosmetics labeling and marking, and stipulated severe punishment measures including 'punishing people' for violations of cosmetics labeling and marking. Consumers use Makeup safety will be more effectively guaranteed.

According to Article 4 and Article 35 of the Regulations, cosmetics are divided into special cosmetics subject to registration management and ordinary cosmetics subject to filing management, and their packaging labels are different. The smallest sales unit of cosmetics should have labels that comply with relevant laws, administrative regulations, and mandatory national standards, and the content of the labels must be true, complete and accurate. Imported cosmetics can directly use Chinese labels or affix Chinese labels; if Chinese labels are added, the content of the Chinese label should be consistent with the original label.

Article 36 of the “Regulations” stipulates that cosmetics labels should be marked with: product name, special cosmetics registration certificate number; registrant, recorder, name and address of entrusted manufacturing enterprise; cosmetics production license number ; Product implementation standard number; full composition; net content; use period, method of use and necessary safety warnings; other content that should be marked in laws, administrative regulations and mandatory national standards.

Regarding the labeling and identification of cosmetics, although the 'Regulations' has made special provisions, it is still necessary for relevant departments to formulate and issue supporting implementation rules in a timely manner to further clarify and improve. The first is to make specific regulations on the name of cosmetics, cosmetics production licenses, and packaging labeling forms; the second is to specify the detailed regulations on the labeling methods of special cosmetics registration certificates, ordinary cosmetics registration certificates, and imported cosmetics; the third is to specify cosmetic approval numbers and production The marking methods, styles and formats of dates, expiration dates, etc. shall be clarified. By formulating and promulgating a series of specific regulations on cosmetics labels and markings in accordance with the law, we will further unify and standardize the labeling methods of various cosmetics, so that consumers can distinguish the authenticity of cosmetics by checking the outer packaging and label markings of cosmetics, thereby more effectively guaranteeing the authenticity of cosmetics. Consumers can buy and use cosmetics with confidence to protect their health and legitimate rights and interests.

Labeling solutions are widely used in various daily chemical product production lines, including bottle packaging, glass packaging, carton packaging, etc., from primary packaging to outer packaging to batch packaging and so on. The packaging of cosmetics is often diverse in terms of material and shape, and the cij printer has been designed for this purpose. The demand for inkjet printing ranges from simple production date, expiration date, batch number, to identifiable barcodes and two-dimensional codes, to meet the traceable identification requirements. Can be printed on tiny areas for precise positioning.

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