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Suitable for glass bottle date a laser target laser marking equipment not to want to know?

glass bottles as early as in ancient times had, in the past only containers of glass, which is a very rare, so rare in use. But now the glass has become one of the traditional Chinese beverage packaging container, mainly because of drinks with packing material cannot be replaced by other properties. And can be recycled, currently on the market of the common glass bottle packing of goods including: yogurt, cola drinks, fruit juices, wine, face film, canned, spices, glasses, perfume, medicine and so on, mainly in the food industry the application range is wide, for these goods is one of the most basic production date, trademarks and other information.

we know many businesses in the food industry will choose to use laser marking machine to date for the assignment of identity information code, but we also know that glass on the marking is a kind of special existence, at the request of the marking on is also higher. A lot of the date of the commonly used laser marking equipment cannot be used on glass bottles, in order to solve this problem for businesses, after a lot of practical experience, wei jie for the specialty of glass bottles, introduced a suitable to the use of ultraviolet laser marking equipment. Solve the businesses need to on the glass products of all kinds of marking requirements, the characteristics of the date of ultraviolet laser marking machine advantages as follows.

first, uv wavelength of 355 nm laser marking machine, extremely small wavelength determines its high beam quality, small light spot, can realize the glass hyperfine marking requirements, the minimum characters can reach 0. 2mm。

second, ultraviolet laser marking machine for all kinds of absorption rate is relatively high, which means that it can be used on a variety of different material goods, including the glass material, metal material and special material goods.

third, ultraviolet laser marking machine for processing objects thermal influence is negligible, when small heat affected zone will not generate heat effect, also won't appear because of the high energy laser beam prompted a charred material deformation or is happening.

4, adopting the upper sliding door closed on exterior design processing, USES the high quality special filter protection organic glass special observation window, for the protective performance of ultraviolet laser equipment to build the acme.

five, glass can be implemented in the logo, trademarks, text, design, production date, shelf-life, certificate, serial number, code, bar code, the qr code, anti-counterfeiting code, characters of identity information, such as fu code problem, do fine marking effect.

its six, ultraviolet laser marking machine has the marking speed, high efficiency, continuous use time long, sculpture, high precision, stable performance, good marking effect, long life cycle, maintenance free, zero consumables, simple operation, etc.

its seven, ultraviolet laser marking is mainly done through the power play mark, not through the ink material is given priority to, and thus more reliable safe environmental protection, in terms of using graphic information needed to hit target can be arbitrarily changed, met the glass on the marking of a high standard, the tag information has never fade, fall off the absolute advantage.

all in all, uv laser marking equipment in glass marking effect can do fine precision, does not appear marking effect is not ideal. And because ultraviolet laser marking machine has the advantages of universal features, although it than those with other types of laser marking machine is more expensive, but still got the favour of many fields merchants in the recognition. Don't believe you can take samples free proofing test results.

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