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T-shirt printer: a business clothing, can link up the company - all people

With the development of the era, enterprises pay more and more attention to the enterprise culture.

Small to target slogan, to standardize management system, etc. , all aspects is one of the excellent enterprises because of the culture.

And enterprises on the print on the clothing of their own design, as senior private custom is not very expensive, but clothing customization, for everyone to work, party building, activities, leisure time can wear clothes.

This kind of high performance/price ratio, and custom, very convenient also.

Enterprises clothing mainly has three forms: t-shirts, t-shirts, t-shirts.


Enterprise culture shirt, for example, have the same level, two of the same type enterprise, enterprise employees have t-shirts, uniforms and another different enterprise staff dress, you will feel more reliable professional company?

Nature is the enterprise that owns t-shirts more let a person impression, and more reliable.

Because the culture of a enterprise attaches great importance to its internal cultivation and construction, so they must be in the field of professional where also can't bad, it's a visual aesthetic decision for investors.

Now is the autumn, custom fleece as t-shirts suit to enterprise.

Fleece is the design of more leisure joker, both good-looking, and good wear, still warm.


The annual meeting of the t-shirts annual meeting is the summary of a business year and looking for New Year.

Neatly dressed of custom who attend the annual meeting, can show not only the enterprise's management, staff organized and discipline, also can let our annual meeting photos look more harmonious and unified.


Team building t-shirts team building is a form of exercise employees of enterprises, is also the welfare of the company.

Let us enhance feelings, enhance the tacit understanding, so as to better cooperation in the work.

Unified an unlined upper garment, therefore, more can let everybody have a collective sense of honor, also can let you better integrate into the collective.

So how to customize the uniform?


Choose to print the image, and then use Photoshop or PS, and other graphics software set the size of the printed image, etc.


Pretreatment need to print work clothes, uniform liquid spraying pretreatment, and then use the press for 30 seconds.


Put clothes in the digital jet printing T-shirt laser marking machine, and then start the laser laser marking machine for printing.


After printing, use ironing press pressure, rapid evaporation ink excess water.
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