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Take you to explore under uv laser marking machine is very not good?

uv laser marking machine can processing of materials has a lot of, common glass, jade, pottery and porcelain, plastic, silicone, acrylic, crystal, and other products. Ultraviolet laser marking machine can do relevant solutions according to the different needs of customers, customers can choose different configuration make a different effect, can realize marking LOGO trademarks, text, qr code, serial number, serial number, design, symbol, the code number, etc. , the ultraviolet laser marking equipment with engraving speed, high efficiency, long service life, simple operation, and many other advantages, environmental protection.

uv laser marking machine in addition to copper materials, basic can carry on the processing, the surface of the glass crystal products and internal engraving, mobile phones, optical device and so on can be processed. At the same time it can for most of the surface of the metal and nonmetal materials for processing, such as metal, ceramics, glasses watches and clocks, PC, electronic components, all kinds of instrument, PCB board and the control panel, nameplate panel, plastic, etc. , to adapt to high flame retardant materials such as marking engraving, surface treatment and so on. Laser marking mark no fading off, mark way is very advantage.

of course, the ultraviolet laser power, laser marking machine need to consider the general uv laser marking machine power is small, easy to use, dozen black effect is also very good. Applicable to many industries, in the electronic products, metal gifts, electrical products, metal products, precision instruments, sanitary ware industry, battery industry, industrial bearings, mold, jewelry, plastic, wood, jade, glass products, etc. Can be laser engraving. The main advantage of ultraviolet laser marking machine is characterized by the following several aspects:

1. Uv laser heat affected zone small, won't produce heating effect, will not produce the material burnt problem; Mark speed, high efficiency; The machine performance is stable, small size, low power consumption advantages.

2。 Ultraviolet laser focused spot very small, and the processing and heat affected zone is small, thus it can be for ultra fine marking, marking, special material, the opposing effects have higher request customers preferred products.

3。 Uv laser in addition to the copper quality, suitable for processing of materials more widely.

4。 Uv laser beam is not only good quality, focusing on spot smaller, can achieve hyperfine markers; The broader scope of application.

guangzhou elegant. prosper marking machinery manufacture co. , LTD as a production laser marking machine equipment more than 10 years of factory, for different customers with laser marking machine, laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine and so on the many kinds of laser equipment, including various models of various power laser equipment, over the years has been committed to providing customers with qualified products, laser tailored for your laser equipment for our customers.

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