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Talking about the advantages of new breakthroughs in large-character inkjet printer technology

Large-character cij printers are widely used in the food industry to print the production date, production date batch number and bar code of food packaging. What are the advantages of the new breakthrough in large-character cij printer technology: 1. The control platform is user-friendly. The electrical system is an indispensable part of the large character inkjet printer. The control platform is stable and user-friendly. The operating platform is completely similar to the computer keyboard, and the control interface and software system of all products are the same, which facilitates the operation and use of different machines.

2. Dustproof and waterproof design, easy to maintain. The printer can prevent the intrusion of dust and moisture whether it is in use or when it is sealed. Even if the user seals the machine for a period of time, it will not block the nozzle when it is used again. 3. Split design, easy to replace. For the split design, the nozzle, controller and ink supply system all adopt a separate and independent design. External photoelectric switch, serial cable (RS323) is directly connected to the computer, which can realize synchronous printing with the production line.

4. The printing range continues to expand. In addition to being able to complete the 'task' of the large-character cij printer, it can also adjust some parameters to make it closer to or into the working range of the small-character cij printer and high-resolution inkjet printer. Part of the printing work of small characters and high-resolution inkjet printers can be completed simultaneously. 5. The solenoid valve has a long service life. Solenoid valve is another very critical technology in the manufacture of inkjet printers. In the field of DOD inkjet printers, Maxius first proposed the service life of solenoid valves. After theoretical calculations, laboratory tests and user experiments, the solenoid valve life of Mathews is 600 million times and 3 billion times. The solenoid valve of the new generation of large character inkjet printer uses 3 billion solenoid valves. 6. The jewel nozzle has good printing effect and is durable. For large-character cij printers, the nozzle is the key part, and the quality of the nozzle directly affects the printing effect. The surface of the jewel nozzle has a high smoothness, and the ink drop receives little resistance during the flying process, which makes the pop-up font beautiful, smooth and soft; because the jewel is very hard, its wear resistance is much higher than that of the metal nozzle. .

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