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Talking about: the application of thermal transfer printer and inkjet printer

Thermal transfer printers and inkjet printers are very different in terms of working principles and industrial applications. The thermal transfer printer is a kind of effective printing on the packaging label of soft and thin material or on the smooth surface of the card. It is mainly used for instant food, candy, bread, cold food, frozen food, fresh vegetables, wet Any flexible packaging industry such as paper towels, solid powder (milk powder), etc. use a wide range of materials. Good printing effects can be obtained on paper, plastic, metal, glass, hard surfaces or soft and fragile surfaces. They are mainly used in food, beverages, daily chemicals, medicine, and automobiles. Parts processing, wire and cable, steel, tobacco and alcohol, and many other industries. The most important difference between the thermal transfer printer and the inkjet printer is that the thermal transfer printer needs to touch the surface of the marked item during the coding process, while the cij printer is a non-contact method for printing. The marking of the object by the code. At the same time, the inkjet printer can be accurate to the specific production time when coding the product identification. It has powerful functions, fast speed and high efficiency. It can not only print product serial numbers, QR codes, barcodes, pictures, and Chinese characters, but also The specific time is printed in real time. The inkjet printer can also be used with assembly line production, which is more suitable for enterprises with larger output. The thermal transfer printer is suitable for identification of product information such as production date, shelf life, expiration date, or batch number. The advantages of thermal transfer printers relative to cij printers: higher bar code recognition rate, better graphics printing, and lower failure rate.

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cij printer can be applied in different ways as expiry date printing machine.

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