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Talking about the coding solutions in the beverage industry

The beverage industry is one of the industries that use inkjet marking products the most, and the company also knows the special requirements of the industry very well. In the past ten years, through long-term close cooperation with many manufacturers, it has already possessed a set of mature and reliable solutions. The main materials of the beverage industry: glass bottle packaging, vacuum carton packaging, PET bottles, metal cans, corrugated boxes, etc. Application of small-character cij printer in beverage industry: Graphical information such as production date, deadline, Chinese characters, English, batch number, trademark, etc. can be directly printed on the product; Graphical information can be quickly printed on the surface of different materials. Such as: bottle cap, bottle body, bottle bottom, etc.; machine speed of 1076 characters per second and fonts specially designed for high-speed production lines can fully meet the flow of beverage production lines; Chinese interface, easy to use, free to edit information and text , Numbers and graphics, etc.; There are a variety of inks to choose from, such as: black ink, white ink, high adhesion ink, etc., to ensure that high-contrast printing information can be obtained on different materials. The machine is fully sealed with stainless steel body. Suitable for all kinds of ordinary and harsh production environments. The special ink for the beverage industry has extremely high adhesion and can be immediately attached to different materials. Whether it is in a cold freezer or a hot production workshop, the coding information can be kept clear and beautiful.

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