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Talking about: the knowledge of the precautions for the use of the inkjet printer

Some precautions for the usual use of the cij printer are as follows: 1. When the cij printer is not in use, it should be turned on and run once every three to four days, and each time shall not be less than four hours. 2. Check whether the nozzle is clean every day. When the nozzle is not clean enough, it should be cleaned to the original color of the nozzle (note that only the part below the nozzle can be cleaned). After cleaning, dry the nozzle and make sure that there is no residue in the charging tank. 3. When the machine shows that the ink or solvent is insufficient, it must be added in time (please use the manufacturer's designated ink and solvent to prevent damage to the machine and unnecessary influence on your production). 4. When the printer is turned on, running, and printing, do not use the fan and the air outlet of other electrical appliances to directly face the nozzle, otherwise it will affect the operation and printing of the printer. 5. It is best if the distance between the nozzle and the product to be printed is within 2 centimeters. Too high a distance will have a certain impact on the printing effect. 6. During normal printing, the transmission equipment should be idling for 2-3 times, and observe whether the photoelectric switch or other detection equipment senses the transmission equipment (generally, the connection of the transmission equipment is easily sensed).

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