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Taught you how to how to solve the co2 laser marking machine, co2 problem?

laser marking machine for the industry is not strange, but still there are a lot of people for laser marking machine, do not know a lot about the place. Small make up today to share with you some problems about carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machine analysis, the analysis of the simple before we know what is the co2 laser marking machine, the application of it mainly reflected on what aspects. CO2 laser marking machine equipment generally choose German CO2 laser is so CO2 laser marking machine, general this kind of marking equipment all raw materials are imported. From performance technology for co2 laser marking machine performance is good, zero consumables, marking effect. Mainly used in non-metal material goods marking code.

in this world can say no one thing can withstand the test of time, something to use for a long time will be bad. So is a laser marking machine, the quality and also can appear some problems in the using process. So although we are not professional maintenance staff, but if we have some common problems in the co2 laser marking machine, we will not from random condition, even can solve the small problem:

first, about the beam expander adjustment problems: 1, the stand or fall of beam expander adjustment has a great influence on the effect of laser marking. 2, the adjustment of the beam expander requirements: incident light in the center of the beam expander in light hole, emergent light in the center of the light hole.

second, laser printing lines into dotted line shape problem: 1, AD7237 work is normal. 2, whether line connection is good, have the virtual welding. 3, D/A card into the ISA slot when the position is correct. 4, vibration lens driver board if there is a problem connecting to the motor.

third, distortion of the galvanometer scanning head printing solutions: 1, the correction method has two kinds, one is hardware correction, now use is less. Another is the correction of software, this is the one we use morer. 2, hardware calibration method is to D/A card output analog signals through A calibration card to change the voltage value, according to certain rules and vibration signals to the lens. 3, produce a pillow or barrel distortion is a kind of natural phenomenon of galvanometer play mark, it is made of the galvanometer scanning way. The solution is to signal distortion correction. 4, software correction method is marking software itself with correction function, in the process of marking to digital signal according to certain methods for processing, then the signal is transmitted to the D/A card.

4, failed to achieve the desired marking depth: 1, the laser marking speed is too fast. 2, lens surface is free from contamination. 3, light path adjustment are accurate. 4, whether the workpiece surface on the focal plane. 5, the laser power output is achieved. 6, beam expander is accurate location, direction, adjustment. 7, laser output power 28 v dc voltage drop, resulting in a decline in the laser output power, etc.

five, why use laser marking machine after a period of time, the laser output power of the laser in: 1, whether the laser resonator changes: fine-tuning cavity lens, make the output light is best. 2, all the diaphragm have defiled phenomenon and the output. 3, acousto-optic crystal offset or low light output power energy: adjust the acousto-optic crystal location. 4, cooling water tank water temperature and environmental temperature difference is more than 5 ° C. 5, the service life of the krypton lamp is due. 6, enter the galvanometer laser off center: adjust the laser. 7, if current transferred to about 20 a photographic still strong enough: krypton lamp aging, update the new lamp.

its six, why the laser marking machine acousto-optic switch will not be able to switch the laser effect of reasons: 1, the power of sound and light rf output power is normal. 2, the power switch is in the correct position. 3, rf line connection is reliable. 4, Q switch customs clearance face any dirty phenomenon, etc.

appeal is small make up to bring you about carbon dioxide co2 laser marking machine of six problem analysis, if you have any other questions about co2 laser laser laser marking machine can also consult our customer service, we have professional technical staff to bring you answers, believe that finish see this share you for co2 laser laser laser marking machine in use process will appear problems have probably understanding.

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