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Technical parameters of S700W inkjet printer

This product is specially designed for black and dark object surface coding. 1. It adopts the international advanced built-in diaphragm pump technology. The four pumps of ink pump, solvent pump, recovery pump and circulation pump are designed in one. No external air source is needed. High automation program and consumables. The consumption is only 10%-20% of the traditional air source type. 2. The special intelligent 'self-awakening' stirring function design keeps the pigment ink in the best condition. 3. Adopting internationally advanced ink concentration and viscosity control technology, which is not affected by factors such as environment, temperature and start-up time, so that the printer can run stably and reliably. 4. Adopting unique nozzle triple anti-blocking technology and independent automatic cleaning program can completely solve the blocking problem. 5. With multiple ink circuit system processing procedures and fault alarm display functions, the machine runs more stable and easy to maintain. 6. Various inks (red, yellow, white, green, blue, etc.) certified by the international authority SGS are safe and environmentally friendly, with strong adhesion, suitable for printing on various products and packaging. 7. It adopts abrasion-resistant stainless steel chassis, IP55 protection standard, and the unique positive pressure air function of the nozzle can resist the intrusion of dust and water, which is suitable for use in various harsh environments. Overview: S700W cij printer adopts a built-in diaphragm pump integrated design, nozzle triple anti-clogging technology, and uses a unique intelligent 'self-awakening' pigment agitator system to ensure that the pigment ink is always in a uniform and stable state, which is solving the user's expectations of the cij printer Stable, high reliability and low cost of consumables and other core technologies have achieved results that have attracted the attention of peers. Powerful multi-function software technology, more durable nozzle design, to ensure that the SOP700 built-in pump pigment cij printer performance is more reliable, the font is more beautiful, and the maintenance is more convenient. The products are widely used in electric lamps, automobile and motorcycle parts, medicine, chemicals, and building materials. Non-contact coding for electronic and dark color products. Technical parameters 1. Font dot matrix 7X6, 7X8, 8X12, 12X12, 16X16, 24X8, 5X5 2. The number of printing lines is adjustable from 1-2 lines 3. The font height is adjustable from 2-15MM 4. The printing speed is 1.5 meters per second ( Single line 7X6) 5. The printing direction is adjusted in all directions 6. The font can be widened up to 9 times 7. The printing content is Chinese, English, Arabic numerals, graphic logos, etc. 8. The printing format product batch number, real-time clock, serial number, Counting, Chinese and English, graphics, automatic continuous printing, delayed printing, orthographic, inverted, inverted printing, etc. 9. Built-in trap Chinese character library, direct dot matrix editing, what you see is what you get, what you edit 10, the garbled printing function that can be connected to the computer can meet the anti-counterfeiting requirements of customers. 11. It has the functions of online meter counting, encoder synchronization, photoelectric synchronization, photoelectric synchronization fixed distance, and online inspection for N times of printing at a time. 12. Power 50W 13. Power supply 220V±10%VAC, 50HZ 14. Ambient temperature 5-40°C 15. Ambient humidity 10%-90%RH (no condensation) 16. Dimensions 585X470X270mm 17. Weight 32KG 18. Box Body stainless steel

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