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Technical parameters of semiconductor laser marking machine F510

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29
Equipment Introduction DP laser is used as the pump source, replacing the traditional krypton lamp as the pump source. It has the advantages of small size, convenient installation and use, high photoelectric conversion efficiency, good beam quality, and lower operation cost than traditional krypton lamps. Fully enclosed optical system and professional constant temperature water system, the water temperature control range is accurate. Make the whole machine continuous working and running more stable. Especially suitable for customers with medium precision requirements. Application industry Widely used in industrial fields such as electronic components, hardware tools, jewelry, glasses and crafts, auto and motorcycle accessories, communication products, plastic buttons, (IC) game toys, aluminum plates, etc. Software functions Can receive various BMP, JPG, DXF, PLT, AI and other format files, automatically generate various serial numbers, production dates, one-dimensional codes, and two-dimensional codes; support flying marking. Support rotary marking. Technical parameters: Wavelength: 1064nm Power: 50W/75W/100W Power supply: AC220V/50Hz Marking machine size: 1250mmX830mmX1200mm Weight: 150KG Marking range: 70X70mm/110X110mm/250mmX250mm Marking depth: 0.02mm-0.5mm Marking speed: ≤ 7000mm/s Minimum line width: 0.015mm Minimum character: 0.2m Minimum spot diameter: 30um Cooling method: constant temperature circulating water cooling
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