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Technical parameters of XINGCHUANG 126 handheld inkjet printer

1. This machine can store 500 pieces of content. 2. This machine adopts imported British nozzles. 3. Full Chinese language, simple operation. 4. Light weight, small size, easy to move. No external power supply is required. It can work for 12 hours with a single charge of Japanese Panasonic lithium battery. 5. It can print hundreds of fonts, logos, patterns, barcodes. 6. The height of the print fonts can be set at 2-18mm. 7. Operating system, full Chinese display, easy to operate and easy to learn. 8. The whole machine adopts imported accessories and has stable performance. , Rugged and durable 9. Less consumables, a box of special ink can print 1.25 million 12X12mm characters 10. This machine is easy to add ink, just plug in the ink cartridge, no diluent, no need to clean the nozzle. Performance parameters: 1. Printing Height: 2--18mm 2. Printing speed: 1 m/s 3. Printing accuracy: 200*100—400dpi 4. Printing content: Chinese, English, numbers, graphics, barcode serial numbers and other symbols 5. Printing distance: 1-15mm adjustable 6. Printing information length: unlimited 7. Oily ink color: black, red, green, blue, etc. Quick-drying ink: black. Invisible ink (anti-counterfeiting ink is optional) : Such as invisible ink/color-changing ink, etc.) 8. Working temperature: -10-50 degrees 9. Power requirement: 175-250V 50-60Hz 10. Information storage: unlimited (host), the terminal can store 500 pieces of information. 11. Particularly suitable for wood processing, carton packaging and printing industries (permeable materials can be used) 12. Solvent-free and pollution-free 13. Maintenance-free

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