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Technical parameters of XINGCHUANG S800 inkjet printer

Technical parameters 1. Font dot matrix: 5X5 5X7 7X9 6X12 8X16 12X16 11X24 16X32 32 dot matrix to self-edit information 2. Printing lines: 1-3 lines adjustable 3. Operation interface: color touch screen, Chinese and English menu pinyin input method location Code input method 4. Font height: 1-15MM adjustable 5. Storage information: unlimited storage of printing information 6. Printing speed: 3 m/s (single line 5X7) 7. Printing direction: all-round adjustment 8. Font Widening: 1~9 times, can be widened for a single word 9. Printing content: date, time, automatic date, automatic expiration date, shift number, batch number, serial number, four groups of counters, meter counting, self-editing patterns, can be Variable barcode, anti-counterfeiting code, multi-language, multiple fonts (support personal signature) 10. Font direction: normal, reverse, reverse, reverse, print direction can be independently set for a single character 11. Font spacing: 1-8 times, can be edited point by point at will. 12. Print length: 1024 characters. 13. Print ink: black, blue, red and other color inks. 14. Print head positive pressure: suitable for use in various harsh environments. 15 , It has the functions of online meter counting, encoder synchronization, photoelectric synchronization, photoelectric synchronization fixed distance, and online detection of N times of printing at one time. 16. Power: 50W 17. Power: 220V±10%VAC, 50HZ 18. Ambient temperature: 5-40°C 19. Ambient humidity: 10%-90%RH (no condensation) 20. Dimensions: 585X470X270mm 21. Weight: 32KG 22. Box body: stainless steel

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