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Tell in detail about the specific classification of inkjet printer ink

In our production, the use of some machines is also very important, and in our food packaging, the use of our cij printers is very important, which requires us to attract our attention, especially for some machines In terms of maintenance and understanding, these are some specific aspects that we must understand accordingly. Next, I will share some details with you: the specific classification of inkjet printer inks, I hope it will be helpful to everyone. 1. The ink of the inkjet printer needs to be classified according to the specific color, which is mainly divided into black, red, yellow, white, green, blue, blue and white, pink, etc., which is something we need to understand accordingly Specific aspects.  2, inkjet printer ink also needs to be divided into pigment ink and dye ink according to whether or not it settles. Yellow ink, white ink, blue ink and blue and white ink are all pigment inks, and the ink matrix is u200bu200binsoluble in the corresponding solvent. Generally, the density of the matrix is u200bu200bhigher, and the matrix will precipitate under the solvent, and the density of these solvents is also relatively small, and they all float on the matrix. Black, green, and pink inks are all dye-based inks, and the matrix and solvent are fused with each other. And it will not produce precipitation.  3, inkjet printer ink also needs to be classified according to the type of solvent, which is mainly divided into ketone-based ink, alcohol-based ink, water-based ink, and mixed-based ink; some special function inks may use special solvents. 4. The ink of the cij printer is mainly distinguished according to its function, mainly divided into: ordinary ink, anti-alcohol ink, anti-migration ink, anti-ink water, anti-high temperature ink, food grade ink, high temperature color changing ink, etc.;   5 The ink of the inkjet printer is divided according to the adhesion force on the product. These are mainly divided into: ordinary ink and high adhesion ink. The specific classification of cij printer ink is shared with you in detail. I hope you should pay attention to some details that need to be paid attention to when carrying out the specific operation of the machine to avoid some problems. This is also what we need. Some specific things that are done well will have better results only if they are done well.

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