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The advent of the era of intelligent make laser marking machine gradually became the darling of The Times

with the high-speed development of the Internet, we ushered in the era of big data and intelligence, big data and the development of intelligent give us life brought great convenience. Someone said: 'it was the best of times, but it is also the worst of times', why? Intelligent because there are many uncontrollable factors, in the era of intelligence, many devices are a particular program, can bring convenience for human but also brought some dependencies. Like a laser marking machine, he was able to become one of the important weapon of enterprise development, is because he is convenient, fast, etc.

in recent years the rapid development of laser code technology, blow to the traditional manual code technology, in order to gain the attention in the field of industrial and become the darling of The Times. Laser marking technology is second only to a new technology of laser cutting machine, according to the relevant data at the same time, laser code in the world is a proportion of total sales in a third, at home to holding more than 50%, which means a lot of industry fields for commodity code will choose laser marking machine series products.

using the principle of laser marking machine, it is very simple, is the laser, with its high power density gathered in need to make mark goods surface, the surface layer by means of burning with etching material of angry words, at last, by effective control laser engrave a user need only accurate burning text, graphics and digital identity. Compared with the traditional identification technology, the use of laser marking technology is carved logo more clear and beautiful. In addition, the technology of laser marking is not produce any material cost, for businesses to save some cost.

with the mature of laser code technology, and industry application of universality. Brought the whole machine to laser marking machine equipment stable and maintenance free, save the processing costs, marking fast, there is no limit to the PC operating system and other advantages, in the processing efficiency are the advantages of more and more significant. Significantly in order to meet more processed the demand of the market, some new type of laser marking machine will be developed constantly, let more industry can be used.

it is reported that laser code at present in all kinds of machinery, electronics, food, medicine, cosmetics, daily chemical, has been widely used in building materials, including many fortune 500 companies have chosen to laser marking machine technology is adopted to improve the product identification code. So in domestic has the relevant departments for this technology has given great support, support related businesses of laser code equipment research and development, constantly bring qualitative leap for the domestic laser technology.

all in all, in the era of intelligence, in order to 'automation' and 'smart' made 4 as the core of the industry. 0 for the laser marking code market provides an unprecedented development space. Extension, state support, in the field of industry recognition, laser marking machine has become the darling of the new era of industrial development is a necessity.

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