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The application areas of laser marking machine laser marking machine is suitable for the material

The application areas of laser marking machine laser marking machine is suitable for those materials, laser marking machine is divided into several types of machines. Material used by each of the different machine is also different, their corresponding application field is also not the same, the following will introduce several common on the market of several kinds of machines. Optical fibers laser marking machine, optical fibers laser marking machine adopts optical fibers laser, laser output after high speed scanning galvanometer system implementation marking function, optical fibers marking machine electromechanical conversion rate is high, can be carved metal materials and some non-metallic materials, mainly used in depth, smoothness, high precision of the field, the bitmap marking, can be in metal, plastic surface standard beautifully carved patterns, etc. Areas of application: used in stainless steel, plastic products, IC, mobile phone keys, watches and clocks, mould industry, such as a bitmap marking homework 2. Ultraviolet laser marking machine uv laser marking machine belongs to cold light source can't dozen focal peripheral products, and processing has little influence area, thus it can be for ultra fine marking, special material marking. Areas of application: mainly used in precision processing high-end market, cosmetics, medicines, food containers and other polymer materials surface marking; Flexible PCB marking, scribing; Porous silicon wafers, blind hole processing; LCD glass, glass, metal surface coating, plastic buttons, electronics, gifts, communications equipment 3. CO2 laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine laser beam through a beam expander, vibration mirror, focus, and finally achieved by control the galvanometer deflection engraving of high-performance laser equipment application fields: leather, bags, shoes, buttons, wood products, etc. Also apply to all kinds of non-metal materials and product marking, engraving of can be all kinds of text, symbols, graphics, images, bar code, serial number, marking, etc. That is three kinds of common laser marking machine is introduced in the field of application. When buying machines still need to bring your own material to laser marking proofing vendors would live better.

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Laser marking has emerged as a widely popular method for ensuring precise and permanent markings on various materials.
About CO2 Laser Marking Machine
CO2 laser marking machines are a popular choice for high-quality and permanent marking on various materials.
Laser marking has become an indispensable part of various industries worldwide, revolutionizing the way manufacturers, designers, and craftsmen mark products and materials.
CO2 laser marking machines have revolutionized the world of industrial manufacturing with their precision and versatility.
Overview of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Laser marking technology has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, offering efficient and precise marking solutions for a wide range of materials.
Overview of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
CO2 laser marking machines have gained immense popularity in various industries due to their high precision and versatility.
Laser marking is a popular technique used in various industries to create permanent, high-quality marks on a wide range of materials.
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