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The application of fiber laser marking machine is very wide

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-26

Fiber laser marking machine is the representative of the third generation of laser technology. It has the following advantages:

1. The advantages of low cost and intensification of glass fiber manufacturing, mature technology and availability of fibers.

2. The glass fiber does not require strict phase matching to the crystal in the incident light. This is due to the wide absorption band caused by the non-uniform broadening caused by Stark splitting of the glass matrix.

3. The volume ratio of glass material is very small.

At present, with the increasing variety of laser marking machines, the laser processing solutions are becoming more and more perfect. But, of all the solutions, fiber laser markers are the ideal next-generation light source for current and developing short-pulse applications. Fiber laser markers have high single-pass gain, simplify amplifier design, and directly increase average power, making them attractive for short-pulse applications. In these applications, peak power operation is required to achieve the required pulse energy and pulse width. To achieve high peak power operation, the core diameter of the fiber must be increased. If the core size is not increased, nonlinear optical effects can lead to spectral broadening and output power instability.

The application of fiber laser marking machine is very extensive, including laser fiber communication, laser space communication distance, industrial shipbuilding, Automotive manufacturing, marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, printing, metal and non-metal drilling/cutting/welding (brazing, quenching, cladding weld depth), national security, military equipment, medical infrastructure construction, and more.

Fiber laser marking machine refers to a laser marking machine that uses rare earth doped glass fiber as a gain medium. The fiber laser marking machine can be based on the development of fiber amplifiers: fiber Under the action, it is easy to form a pump with high power density, which is caused by the inversion of the laser energy of the laser particles, and a positive feedback loop is added at an appropriate time (a cavity can form a laser oscillation output).

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